Black Don’t crack: Nonhle Thema shares throwback pictures; her age gets Mzansi talking

Nonhle Thema

South African media personality Nonhle Thema was dupped the next big thing over a decade when social media started. She was an IT girl and slay queen before the phrase was even invented and has been in the game for years despite taking a big break at one point. Nonhle Thema has taken to social media to celebrate how far she has come with a couple of Throwback pictures while counting down to her birthday.

How Nonhle Thema ruined her career

South African actress/presenter Nonhle Thema had her whole career ruined through Twitter and was one of the first victims of cancel culture in South Africa. The entertainer let fame get to her head when she was younger, and she became arrogant and rude to her fans while bragging about her life. At one point, she was overhead on her phone calling the ladies in Botswana skinny, ugly and sick, and she got cancelled by a few brands and fired from her endorsement deals.

Nonhle Thema before she was cancelled
Nonhle Thema before she was cancelled-Image Source(Instagram/NonhleThema)

Nonhle had a Twitter meltdown where she attacked her fans after her tweet saying she was rich and all the haters could eat dust received a lot of backlash. Many brands after that let her go, and she was fired from her presenting jobs at Channel O. In a matter of weeks, Nonhle went from the most booked woman in South Africa to someone out of work. This made her take a break from Television and social media and then came back on a small scale because brands did not want to work with her.

Nonhle Thema’s throwback pictures have people questioning her age.

Recently Nonhle has been taking to social media to share pictures from when she was younger, before and even during fame. As she counts down to her birthday, she has shared a couple of her childhood pictures showing the world that she had a comfortable lifestyle even as a child. However, Nonhle Thema also had fans wondering about her age and shocked them when she revealed it.

Nonhle Thema as a child
Nonhle Thema as a child-Image source(Instagram/NonhleThema)

The media personality has revealed that she was born on the 15th of October 1981, meaning that she is turning 41 years of age this month. Looking at Nonhle, many fans may assume that she is in her early thirties, thanks to her young-looking skin. Thema has fans asking what her skincare routine is like for her to look that young.

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