Pictures: A look at Nonhle Thema’s failed marriage and relationships

Nonhle Thema, Arthur Bolton and Lebo

Pictures, A look at Nonhle Thema’s failed marriage and relationships

At one point, Nonhle Thema was donned the Queen of everything television. She was everything most girls would hope to be in an entertainment career before her fall from grace. Thema was a victim of the cancel culture before people even knew they were cancelling her. With her popularity came several scandals regarding relationships and marriage made public due to her image.

Thema had always wanted to be in the spotlight as she had famous parents. After making her debut as a presenter for channel O in 2009, she went international. She became one of the most famous It girls in Mzansi as she started living in America, rubbing shoulders with international musicians.

Nonhle Thema
Nonhle Thema-Image Source(Instagram/Nonhle Thema)

The entertainer then started dating Arthur Bolton, a British musician and businessman. The two met when Thema was filming her reality show Nonhle Goes to Hollywood. The two claim it was love at first sight, and they started their courtship. They had problems and fights primarily due to feeling neglected because of the distance. The two fell pregnant and welcomed a baby girl named Phoenix, and then Nonhle Moved back to South Africa, making Arthur follow her.

Nonhle Thema’s failed marriage and relationships over the years

Nonhle,Arthur and Phoenix
Nonhle, Arthur and Phoenix-Image Source(Twitter/Drum)

The two later got married in 2013 only to divorce in 2014. The two had a very public fight on social media where they called each other names. Later Nonhle said that she had moved on with a man only known as Mario. Arthur went back to London after their bitter public fight. Thema’s relationship with Mario did not live long, and she started working on getting her career around.

Nonhle Thema and Lebo
Nonhle Thema and Lebo-Image Source(Instagram/Nonhle Thema)

Thema attended a wedding last weekend and has put up posts of her current boyfriend with an appreciative quote. From Nonhle’s comment sections, the man has been identified as Lebo. From her post, the two have been together for some time, as she claims he has stood the test of time. We wish the happy couple the best in their relationship and hope this is the one for Thema.

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