Watch: Dr Mbali “Nelisiwe Sibiya” from Durban Gen wear a stunning traditional Zulu gown after being accused of not following the tradition

Nelisiwe Sibiya" from Durban Gen wear a stunning traditional Zulu gown

The well-known actress, Dr Mbali on Durban Gen, was spotted celebrating her cultural heritage by donning a stunning traditional gown. Her fans are shocked by this since she recently came under fire for allegedly lying about being a virgin and defying her tradition in that regard.

Nelisiwe shared a video of herself wearing an incredibly colourful dress made entirely of gorgeous beads on Instagram. The outfit was traditional Zulu garb fit for a queen. Her dress had a lot of detail, and she even wore matching earrings. She also wore beads and was seen posing and having fun with her other friends, who were dressed up in traditional Zulu clothing as if they were going to a traditional Zulu event. Her supporters were shocked to see her still supporting her tradition, as they felt it was the one area where she had recently failed and wasn’t practising what she preached.

It appears that Nelisiwe is ignoring what people are saying about her misguided traditional beliefs and continuing to act like she did before the rumours started.

Nelisiwe Sibiya
Nelisiwe Sibiya – Image Credit :Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya

The Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya was charged with lying about being a virgin. Recently, she has had trouble with social media. The singer and actresss said she was still a virgin at 28. Twitter users criticized her for not being a virgin and disagreed with her assertion.

What started all the drama was a blog post by gossip columnist Musa Khawula criticizing Nelisiwe Sibiya as a poor actress. Tweeps came out in droves to condemn Nelisiwe for various actions unrelated to her acting abilities and talent. In the comment section, Twitter users challenged Nelisiwe Sibiya’s claims that she is a virgin.

Twitter users enquired why Nelisiwe is frequently pictured with virgins but never displays the white spot on her forehead that denotes her virginity like her virgin friends. The singer’s repeated declarations that she is a virgin have left people wondering. Mzansi, however, is starting to have concerns because they claim that she seems to have never been subjected to a virginity test in her life. Some people have even said that Nelisiwe jumps from one man to another.

Another reason South Africans believe Nelisiwe is lying is that she did not attend the Reed Dance this year. Since Nelisiwe was expected to be present, many people were shocked to see only the Qwabe twins. Nelisiwe is well known for being a devout follower of her Zulu tradition, so her absence was shocking and gave others cause for reflection. She does, after all, frequently claim to be virginal. The Reed Dance is an annual gathering of the nation’s proud virgins, who do so to demonstrate their virtue and self-confidence.

Watch Dr Mbali “Nelisiwe Sibiya” from Durban Gen wear a stunning traditional gown despite rumours of her lying and not the following tradition below:

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