Watch: Actress Duduzile Ngcobo set for Durban Gen exit as Superintendent Qwabe bids farewell to the hospital

Actress Duduzile Ngcobo

South African actress Duduzile Ngcobo trended a year ago after a Facebook page claimed she had died, starting a death hoax about the actress. However, the news reported later that the news was false and misleading as it was her character on Durban Gen that was going to die, which also turned out to be a lie. However, Duduzile Ngcobo is set to bid farewell to Durban Gen as her character Superintendent Qwabe leaves Durban General hospital.

Duduzile Ngcobo as Superintendent Qwabe

The actress plays the head of the hospital, who has her ups and downs but also takes her job seriously. She leads the hospital with a tight and strict leash as she does not take mistakes in her craft lightly. However, she has recently been feeling unwell and collapsing on the job, which has led her to bid farewell to her staff and join her husband in Cuba. Qwabe once got her treatment done there in Cuba and loved the place and its practices in medicine which she tried implementing at Durban General hospital at one point.

Watch the video of Qwabe bidding farewell to her staff below:

Before breaking the news to the rest of the team at the hospital, Qwabe confided in Dr Dlamini, who she also told about her illness. Many think that he is the next Superintendent who will take over from Qwabe.

Duduzile Ngcobo’s other roles besides Durban Gen

Duduzile Ngcobo is also famously known for her role in Uzalo, playing the role of Babekazi, a recurring role. She has recently also landed the role on Isifiso playing Bazothini’s mother on the show. Her exit from the show is probably to focus on her other gigs and work on other projects.

Duduzile Ngcobo and Isifiso cast
Duduzile Ngcobo and Isifiso cast-Image Source(Instagram/Duduzile Ngcobo)

Duduzile Ngcobo’s job before venturing into acting

The actress started her acting career late in life and saw the opportunity as her retirement fund. She worked a regular day-to-day job as the national coordinator for the National union of mine workers at the HIV/AIDS desk. After retiring and relocating to Johannesburg, the actress was approached by someone and asked to volunteer at AFDA to act with students. That is when Duduzile realized she could act if she put her mind to it, and she started landing roles on Television, becoming a household name.

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