Watch: Master KG joins the Waya Waya challenge for the first time live on stage

Master KG Waya Waya challenge

Master KG has been known to make international hits that go viral on Tik Tok on the global platform. Recently the musician shared a video as people shared their dance challenges for one of his songs other than Jerusalem. The song is Waya Waya, which he released in 2018 and has blown up on Tik Tok only recently. As people took the time to join in the dance challenge, Master KG felt humbled and finally joined in the challenge for the first time while doing a live performance.

The Waya Waya Song

The song was released in 2018 and is a collaboration between Master KG and Team Mosha. It is an Amapiano song that had a video shot in Ghana. The song talks about life and how beautiful it is and how he wishes that there should be no death so people can live forever.

After it became a hit on Tik Tok, the views on YouTube have moved to 16 million. When it was released, it did not gain the recognition it deserved, only for Tik Tok to turn it into a timeless hit four years after its release.

The Waya Waya challenge

The dance challenge is a simple dance which anyone can do and appears to have started in Asia. A group of people will be clamped together, and they start moving forward in a squatting position in a Zombie like motion. People from all walks of life have tried the song’s dance challenge, and his YouTube channel is flooding with comments as people praise his craft.

Watch the video of Master KG finally doing the Waya Waya dance challenge below:

The Award-winning producer who has been feeling grateful and humbled by how his fans revived his old song has finally given in to the craze. This past weekend while perfoming live on stage, Master KG joined his dancers and did the Waya Waya challenge to a screaming crowd singing along.

Other Master KG songs that became hits on Tik Tok

Master KG became a producer known worldwide because of Jerusalem, a song where he featured Nomcebo Zikhode. The song is on over half a billion views on YouTube because of the international challenge that had many companies and individuals join in. The remix was done featuring Nigerian hit singer Burna Boy. Many Master KG fans wonder why his songs become Tik Tok hits besides his obvious talent, and many seem to agree that Master KG’s ancestors are working overtime.

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