In Pictures: Meet Lingashoni actor Fanele Zulu ‘NJ’s wife and child in real life

Fanele Zulu with his family

In Pictures, Meet Lingashoni actor Fanele Zulu ‘NJ’s wife and child in real life

Fanele Zulu earned himself the nickname Dr Bae during his time at Durban Gen when he played Dr Mchunu. Fans fell in love with his craft, and he became a household name instantly, even though that was his debut role on Television. After his character was killed off on the medical drama series, he landed a role in Lingashoni, where he has played NJ Cele since the debut of the series.

Fanele Zulu as NJ Cele in Lingashoni

In Lingashoni, his character is that of the stylish NJ, a goal-getter and a fashion fanatic from a formerly wealthy family. NJ has a bigger sister who is married and parents who have attempted to kill each other on several occasions. However, his love for his mom is evident, and the two have a close relationship where they are always plotting and whispering to each other. However, on the show, he has terrible luck in the dating game and has not yet found the one he wants to settle down with.

Fanele Zulu and Nana
Fanele Zulu and Nana-Image Source(Instagram/Fanele Zulu)

Get to know Fanele Zulu’s wife and daughter

Fanele Zulu, the actor behind NJ, is quite the opposite in real life, as he already has a family. The actor is married to an AFDA graduate named Nana Mthethwa, with who he has a child. Nana is a Jill of all trades and tries her hand in several businesses, which she has mastered with time.

Despite being a qualified actress and artist, Mthethwa fell in love with photography and is trying it on a professional level. Her photography company is called Iris Cliq, and she has worked with many people, from maternity photoshoots to outdoor picnic shoots. On top is that she is trying her hand at content creation, and her page is gaining a following as she posts content about her lifestyle and family.

Their baby is already a brand ambassador

Fanele Zulu and Nana's baby Luno
Fanele Zulu and Nana’s baby Luno-Image Source(Instagram/Fanele Zulu)

Nana is also a make-up artist who does professional make-up for paying customers and advertises her work on her photography page. In January this year, they welcomed their daughter Luno Zulu who is already landing brand ambassador gigs. She promotes brands like Pampers and Woolworths and already has an Instagram page for her personal and business content.

Zulu took the plunge and asked his girlfriend of three years to marry him last year in August, to which she said yes. The couple has not yet shared their wedding pictures, but Nana already addresses herself as a married woman on her social media accounts.

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