Idols SA is in trouble after a shocking decline of over a million viewers per episode

Idols SA judges Somizi, JR and Thembi Seete on stage. The show's viewership is dropping drastically. Image: IdolsSA/Instagram

Idols SA Season 18 hasn’t been without drama, from Somizi getting suspended and being reinstated. Unathi and Randell exit the show to Thembi Seete going at it with Somizi and then breaking down on live television.

One would expect this kind of drama to be great for viewership, as we all love drama, but that is not the case here.

According to entertainment Journalist Phil Mphela, things aren’t particularly looking very good for the music competition.

Since season 18 started, the show has been losing more viewers than ever, over a million per show, which spells big trouble.

The show attempted to bring interest by hiring Thembi and JR to bring the spice and attract interest from the viewers the show has lost and to keep the audiences the show is still managing to hold on to, but it’s a struggle.

The show has been slowly losing its viewership, but experts seem to believe that it’s normal for shows that have been on TV for a long to lose some of the viewers, and we understand, but not a million per show? That’s seriously major.

Idols SA Judge - Image credits: Instagram
Season 17 Idols SA Judges – Image credits: Instagram

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela said the show had a slow start peaking at 744,000 per episode, which is very low compared to the past season’s debut.

The longest-serving judge there is Somizi, and as we all know, he is here to fly going through a very public and embarrassing divorce from Mohale Motaung. Somizi got suspended from the Idols panel of judges because of the alleged domestic abuse allegations made by Mohale against him.

Somizi denied everything, and the two have been making reality shows and tell-all interviews talking about their private affairs for all.

"Thembi Seete will not enter heaven; l will" Watch Somizi backing up a bad singer while Thembi laughs at her on Idols SA.
Idols SA Judges – Image Credit:

The Audio tapes of Mohale detailing specific incidences of abuse from his estranged husband were leaked in 2021, and that is when all hell broke loose in SomG’s life and got.

Somizi suffered a huge loss when he was stopped from most of his gigs, including being a judge on IdolsSA.

Most replies on Mphela’s post believe that Somizi’s presence on the show has made many viewers unhappy because of the accusations of domestic abuse against him.
Some believe that Randall Abraham’s exit from the show has made the show’s credibility to hell.

Some fans believe that the other reason for plummeting numbers is that the show has been airing on DSTV, and many have either moved on to watch streaming services like Netflix or downgraded to lesser premiums.

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