The Queen: Friday 19 August 2022 – Schumacher and Mjekejeke try to hide Basil’s body behind Petronella’s back

The Queen actors Cebo 'Ntobeko Mathebula' and Nkosiyabo 'Craig Nobela' break the queue scrambling for food.

Lies, secrets and betrayal rule this week as Schumacher and Mjekejeke try to hide Basil’s body behind Petronella’s back

Previously on The Queen

Olerato is still wreaking havoc in the Khoza house. Olerato single-handedly took the Kingpins of the Khoza family to jail for burying a body at the Depot.

Olerato made Cebo spill the beans on the body of the hitman that Harriet buried after the mess murders that took place on the day of Thando and Bambatha’s engagement party.

Olerato is now running things because Harriet doesn’t know who is trying to destroy her. She knows Olerato is not happy with the things she has done, but Harriet doesn’t think Olerato could betray her like that.

Viewers have had it with Olerato and think she is being a hypocrite for judging Harriet when she has also killed someone before. They think her time on the Soapie has run out.

Last night Olerato was worried that when Harriet found out she did what she did, she would kill her. We know she is right.

The dark world of Schumacher

The plan to get rid of Basil’s body has completely failed, and now Schumacher and Mjekejeke are left running around Tembisa with a dead body in the car’s trunk.

These two come up with crazy plans to dispose of the body, including going behind Patty’s back. Schumacher thinks they should bury the body in Patty’s cold room at the restaurant without her knowledge.

Londiwe brought in her brother Litha to help her and her plans to get her hands on the Jama empire.
She has managed to turn Duma against his older brother Ayihlome.

Duma decided to cut Ayihlome from the family’s money because Londiwe made him believe that Ayihlome was stealing from the family. Litha seems resistant to his sister’s plans, but everything is in order at this point with her plans, or at least she thinks so.

The Queen actor Schumacher 'Vuyo Ngcukana' - Source: Instagram@vuyongcukana
The Queen actor Schumacher ‘Vuyo Ngcukana’ – Source: Instagram@vuyongcukana

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Schmacher’s dark world

Schumacher has turned into a seriously dangerous person to be around these days. Ever since he came back, he has stolen money and brought back killers with him to his family and now they all have to deal with a dead body they have to dispose of.

Schumacher’s desperation leads him to convince Mjekejeke to betray Patty, his wife. Schumacher believes her cold storage at Patties is a great place to hide Basil’s dead body. Schumacher knows that Patty would lose it if she knew their plans.

Londiwe the Jezebel

Duma is unaware of how much danger he is in. He has succumbed to Londiwe’s beauty and charms. Londiwe’s plan to get rid of Ayihlome is well on its way, but Ayihlome is a force to be reckoned with. Ayihlome is aware that Duma is attracted to Londiwe and that it is causing a rift between them.

There’s a mole in the Khoza house.

Harriet is trying to investigate the like amongst her people. Someone is trying to bring her empire down, but what will she do once she finds out it is her beloved niece?

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