Cindy Mahlangu snatches Youtuber’s Nigerian boyfriend

Meet Mzansi Soapvilles' ultimate slay queens

Cindy Mahlangu snatches Youtuber Vicky’s Nigerian boyfriend

Tit for tat is never a fair game yet it seems to be the norm of the day among Mzansi celebs. We can agree that men are few and maybe that is why boyfriends are being snatched. Cindy Mahlangu‘s boyfriend recently makes the headlines for cheating on her publicly to which they both decide to not address the issue. Bongani Zungu was snatched from the actress by a white girl and now Cindy is doing the same.

Cindy Mahlangu's boyfriend seems to be unsatisfied by the beautiful actress, cheats on her with a white girl.

After her silent heart break by the footballer, Cindy‘s taste in men has suddenly switched to foreign. A disgruntled girlfriend Vicky Vee Jonas, a famous youtuber takes to her twitter account to vent.

I see a lot of sh*t happening but I choose to keep tf quiet. Not Cindy Thando being flown out by someone who is about to be my ex nigga.

Vicky’s Nigerian boyfriend is now under Cindy‘s claws and she knows the clout her looks hold therefore she chooses to keep quiet. It is officially an entanglement if the Youtuber decides to change her mind on dropping her boyfriend.

Cindy Mahlangu snatches Youtuber Vicky’s Nigerian boyfriend

The Queen actress seems to have moved on but is this the right way to go about it? Who could blame her though after some girl did the same and ruined her relationship with Bongani?

Meet Mzansi Soapvilles' ultimate slay queens

Regarding Zungu’s cheating episode, fans call him out on Twitter and this is what some had to say:

Bongani Zungu struggling with game time but still breaks the Covid-19 rules and goes partying smh. His time at Rangers will soon come to an end. More to that, he’s cheating on Violetta

@cindythando4 knows? Should I tag her or you will?
Cellphones/photos are gonna be the death of most careers……Rule #1 – never allow cellphones at your party
Cindy really deserves better, I mean she’s worth gold and more. Hope she’s good
Clearly Cindy is good as she is already globe-trotting with another woman’s Nigerian boyfriend.



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