Cindy Mahlangu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Blood and Water, Net Worth

Cindy Mahlangu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Blood and Water, Net Worth


Cindy Mahlangu is a beautiful South African actress and model who has made waves in the television and film industry.  She is known for playing the role of Siyanda on the Queen as well as Zama in the popular coming of age series, ‘Blood and Water. If looks could kill, many people could have been victims to Cindy Mahlangu who is also a high profile model. So what do we know about this beauty queen, let’s explore the Cindy Mahlangu and find out.



Cindy Mahlangu Profile Summary

Cindy Mahlangu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Blood and Water, Net Worth

Real Name       :  Cindy Mahlangu

Gender:            : Female

Date of birth     : 21st November 1996

Place of birth    : Standerton, Mpumalanga., South Africa

Age                    : 23 Years

Ethnicity          : Black

Nationality        : South African

Occupation       :  Actress, Model

TV Shows         : Blood and Water, The Queen

Instagram         : @cindy_thando


Where is Cindy Mahlangu  originally from?

Where is Cindy Mahlangu  originally from?

Cindy Mahlangu was born on the 21st of November 1996 in Standerton, Mpumalanga, South African. She completed both primary and high school in Mpumalanga before moving to Johannesburg to attend college.



Which schools did Cindy Mahlangu attend?

Cindy Mahlangu

 Cindy Mahlangu studied Financial Accounting in Gauteng, Johannesburg. However, shortly after graduating, she began pursuing her acting career in which she is excelling well. Cindy also took up modelling and her great height and incredible body makes her a fashionista. Lights, camera action is all she dreams of now.


When did Cindy Mahlangu get a breakthrough?

Cindy Mahlangu Age

Cindy got into modelling  while in high school and became professional after college. Later on she went into acting and her major breakthrough came when she was cast in the supernatural hit series, The Herd


Which shows has Cindy Mahlangu featured in?

 The beautiful Cindy Mahlangu made her television debut in the supernatural hit series, The Herd. She played the role of Dumazile and truth be told, she nailed the character. Next, she played the role of Kayise in Makoti, and she really fell into the character so well it didn’t feel like it was rehearsed. Most importantly, she played the role of Siyanda in The Queen which most people applaud her for. In The Queen, she displayed great dexterity through switching emotions from extremely happy when her boyfriend Kagiso (Loyiso Macdonald) proposed to being extremely stressed when she had a miscarriage. With the Cindy Mhlangu killer looks, The Queen is definitely a show to watch. In 2020, she was casted into Netflix’s second African project , Blood and water alongside stars like Ama Qamata.



Interesting  Facts about Cindy Mahlangu

Cindy Mahlangu Age

1. Cindy Mahlangu is very shy – although Cindy plays the role of a talkative and loud girl in Blood and Water, she is a quiet and reserved person in real life.

2. She is a qualified Financial Accountant – People have labeled Cindy, a gold digger and none educated slay queen but harsh, the pretty lady got some brains and school.

3. Cindy Mahlangu is God-fearing – She might act in perverted but it’s just for the money, deep down she is a prayer girl who relies on divine intervention.

4. She is also a model – when she is not on TV, Cindy will be modelling part-time. She even appeared on the cover of essays magazine.

5. Cindy is 23 years old – She may play roles of older woman, but she is just that good, she is just 23 years old but can transform into a 35-year-old lady, optimus prime style.


Who is Cindy Mahlangu’s boyfriend?

Who is Cindy Mahlangu’s boyfriend?

 Cindy is extremely beautiful, sexy, smart and bootilicious, it’s not debatable. She is a celebrity crush for many men, and women as well but unfortunately, she is already taken. Cindy Mahlangu is dating Bafana Bafana soccer star and midfielder Bongani Zungu. The pair has been dating for a while since Bongani broke up with his ex Khanyi Cele. With a body of a goddess, she is the kinda girl a guy would catch a grenade for, Bruno mars style.


Blood and Water

Blood and Water

In blood and water, Cindy Mahlangu plays the character of Zama a wild and talkative girl. She is a friend to Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata) the main actress, and she sticks with her no matter the troubles befalling her. Zama dates Chris Ackerman who is pansexual, and he also dates Mark (Duane Williams). Cindy is just a natural, no one could ever play Zama’s part better than her.



Looking for a visual definition of beauty, visit Cindy Mahlangu’s Instagram account @cindy_thando. Her Instagram is packed with stunning images of her amazing self. Cindy Mahlangu shows off her curvy body and absolute beauty with each and every post. Currently, Cindy has 975k followers on Instagram.

What is Cindy Mahlangu ’s Net worth?

Who is Cindy Mahlangu’s boyfriend?

 Cindy Mahlangu has a stunning Net Worth of US$80 000. She primarily earns money from acting but also supplements that with income from her modelling career. At her current work rate, Cindy is on the verge of success.



Cindy Mahlangu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Blood and Water, Net Worth

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