Watch: This week on House of Zwide Isaac takes the fall for Faith as season 1 comes to an end

Funani Zwide and Isaac Molapo from House of Zwide

Watch This week on House of Zwide; Isaac takes the fall for Faith as season 1 ends.

Funani has finally discovered the truth with the help of Nkosi and his friend, a police officer. However, in his bid to punish everyone involved in Zobuhle’s abduction, Funani carries out his investigation. This leads him to Isaac Molapo’s house, asking for details about Ona under the pretence of getting to know her.

His search for the truth leads him to find Naledi and ask her the truth about whether she is Ona’s mother, which she refuses. After paying Naledi for her information, Funani then tracks down the police officer who was the case officer when his house burnt twenty years ago. He asks for the help of a friend in the police force to track down that officer from years ago.

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Funani will manage to track down Jonas from his retirement and meets up with him. Jonas will sing like a bird and tell the truth about Isaac taking Zobuhle and burning the house. Funani, in a rage, takes his gun and confronts Isaac, who implicates Faith in his confession. Together with Nkosi, Funani will ask Faith who lies her way out of the situation like every other time.

Isaac finds himself behind bars and with Faith as a visitor who asks him for a big favour in exchange for financial help. Faith makes a proposition for Isaac to take the fall for all the crimes and not say her name in his confessions. In return, she will help take care of his family after he goes to prison. Isaac, who always had a soft spot for Faith, accepts the deal and is on the verge of going to jail alone.

The back story on what happened 20 years ago

Faith, who wanted Funani to herself, hired her then gangster boyfriend to kill Funani’s family. Isaac burned the house to ashes but felt remorse for a baby in the crib he rescued and took as his own. Nkosi, who was seven years old by that time, also managed to escape, but their mother, who was already murdered, burned in the house and died.

When Ona grew up, she took after her biological father unknowingly and even looked up to him as a designer. Her zeal in wanting to be a professional designer led her to the walls of House of Zwide, where she got a job as an intern, which ultimately will lead to the truth being revealed. Funani, who always had a sketch of how his daughter would have grown to look, never believed he had to look within his business walls to find her.

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