Watch: This week on House of Zwide, Nkosi remembers Isaac from the night of the fire

Nkosi remember Isaac

Watch: This week on House of Zwide, Nkosi remembers Isaac from the night of the fire.

House of Zwide viewers are in for a treat this week as the serial brings us closer to the truth. The truth around Onalerona’s birth has been a storyline that the writers circled. After the many cries from the fans of the show for the truth to come out, it looks like the crew listened. This coming week it will be big drama on the show as someone remembers what took place 20 years ago.

Last week a woman claiming to be Ona’s mother came into her life to Isaac’s fury. Being the chancer Naledi is, she tricks Ona into agreeing with her idea to sell her designs. Given that she has always wanted to meet her birth mother, Ona is blind to Naledi’s tricks. This week, Rea confronts Naledi but gets heartbroken when Ona sides with Naledi on the issue. However, being the caring mother, she continues to advise Ona not to go ahead with the plan.

An infuriated Naledi then suddenly disappears, leaving Ona devasted and in pain. Seeing Ona like that prompts Isaac to swallow his pride and ask Funani for Ona’s job back. Funani agrees to the concerned father’s wish and rehires Onalerona. However, Nkosi meets Isaac, which triggers a memory from his past.

This week on House of Zwide Nkosi remember who took Zobuhle

Nkosi has a dream about the night of the fire and clearly sees Isaac taking Zobuhle. He shares the information with Dorothy and his father. Funani starts having flashbacks of when his mother tells him Ona is a Zwide, but he brushes it aside. He then steals Ona’s brush and suggests that they have a DNA test done.

Ona and Isaac from House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram/HouseofZwide)

Meanwhile Mampho finds it difficult to come to terms with the fact that she is now a mother. She feels the pressure of trying to be the perfect mom, and it takes a strain on her. Funani and Faith however love their granddaughter and bond over their love for Busi. When she tells Faith about her fears and has a meltdown she is adviced to accept hell.

While all this is happening, Sandile and Nambitha’s rivalry for the position intensifies. Mampho advises Nambitha to use Sandile’s good heart against him. This makes the rivalry worse and noone trusts the other. With Ona’s return they are both scared for their jobs and do not welcome her.

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