Watch: The River actress Linda Mtoba shows off her stunning bikini body whilst on a cruise ship

The River actress Linda Mtoba shows off her stunning bikini body whilst on a cruise ship

While on a cruise ship, Linda Mtoba posed in a bikini to display her stunning body. The River actress is having a great time working at a cruise ship, and she is there to serve Instagram users with hot looks.

The actress Linda Mtoba, who portrays Nomonde on The River, demonstrated what it’s like to party it up on a cruise ship. She gave her fans everything they wanted to see in an orange bikini that excellently pulled her body. Her admirers showered her with praise as she flaunted a stunning body, but they weren’t surprised because she is well known for always looking hot and keeping up with the latest fashions.

She stated in the Instagram caption that she was on an MSc cruise stand, which is only available to people who purchased tickets to the DSTV Delicious Festival, and it is evident that she was one of them. Linda also disclosed that when her fans buy tickets to the renowned festival, they will be able to join her on this holiday.

Linda Mtoba
Linda Mtoba -Image Credit: Instagram/Linda Mtoba

Linda Mtoba has recently experienced significant success. After agreeing to become the new face of Vaseline, she recently gained media attention. As her supporters congratulated her on landing such an important contract, Linda posted videos and images of the beast she had just purchased. The actress could not contain her excitement at getting a new exotic car for her garage. She shared the news of her recent purchase on Instagram with her followers, and congratulations poured in from all over the internet.

At BMW Durban City, Linda posted several photos of herself posing in front of a BMW. In her other videos, she was shown receiving the keys while screaming her head off. The actress is in her bag, as shown by her expensive lifestyle and frequent travel. Her Instagram post, however, sparked a discussion about whether she purchased the vehicle or won an ambassadorship with BMW Durban City. Linda hasn’t said whether the new wheels were a gift or something she paid for.

After she gave birth to their daughter, her husband gave her a Mercedes Benz V-Class. According to estimates, her car cost R3.2 million. In addition to this recently acquired car, Linda has a fleet of exotic animals in her garage. Several times, Linda has been seen driving the quickest cars available, though it’s unclear whether she owns them or if her millionaire husband is the owner.

After giving her stepbrother, who was 22 years old, a car, Linda became more popular in 2021. Because he had not anticipated this behaviour from her stepsister, her brother became highly emotional.

Watch Linda Mtoba living her best life on a cruise ship below:

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