Watch: The Diales are held hostage, Dali is arrested and Pam gets a restraining order against Lelethu. The drama on Generations The Legacy this week!

Lucy Diale is in danger on Generations The Legacy

Betrayal is the word of the week. Things have completely gone to hell on Generations The Legacy this week. Let’s get straight to it.

Let’s start with the betrayal between friends that has turned out seriously dangerous. Kabisi and Fikile have taken their plan to take Moroka Media over to hell. Last week Kabisi hired the dangerous Zobo to go and steal the safe that holds damning evidence against Sphe.

Kabisi and Fikile want to find out what Mazwi and Sphe are hiding. Fikile is going through a difficult time in her relationship because Mazwi keeps a secret that he shares with his baby mama. This has made Fikile desperate and stoops to the lowest level. of betrayal.

According to the teasers, Fikile is unaware that Kabisi is running his plan behind her back, so she 8s being betrayed as well.

This week’s highlights show Lucy sitting on a chair strapped and gagged as Zobo’s goons ransack her home and point everyone in sight with guns.

Fikile looks horrified because she didn’t tell or warn Lucy even though she knew the plan. We can hear Kabisi saying Zobo promised that no one would get heard, and the question is, why would Kabisi trust the word of a loan shark anyway?

The Unraveling of Detective Dali Malinga.

At this point, Dali is about to take over from rocking his boat. He nearly killed himself last week when he attempted to catch a shooter that broke into a hotel and shot Masina, a witness under protection.

Masina has decided to go on trial, which doesn’t work well with Dali. In the highlights, Malinga confronts Masina, and an altercation ensues; Malinga knocks Masina out and then attempts to strangle him. The video shows Masina reporting this incident to Luyolo in a hospital bed. We all know that Dr Dzedze has already reached the edge when it comes to Dali.

Dali Malinga from Generations The Legacy
Dali Malinga from Generations The Legacy: Image Credit @Instagram

Last week he wanted to lay a charge against him for throwing a tantrum at the hospital, and Mpho stopped him. It looks like Luyolo urges Masina to apply a charge against Dali, the next thing we see is Zanele telling him that he is facing murder charges.

Pamela loses it on Lelethu.

Pamela and Lelethu’s relationship has gone to the dogs. Pamela found out that Lelethu was trying to get to the safe at Lucy’s and that he tried to steal information about Sphe.

She hasn’t been pleased with him since then. This week everything turned explosive. The breaking at Lucy’s house gets her very agitated because she knows why it is happening. Pamela is linking stealing the safe to Lelethu, and she loses it.

Lelethu comes to see her in her house, and he can’t believe what is happening. Pamela turns very violent and throws stuff at him, and then she goes and opens a restraining order against Lelethu.

Lelethu is shocked when Mpho delivers the News to not go within certain feet of Pamela because it would be illegal.


Nontle goes in hard at Ayanda, and she chooses Dali’s side, while Ayanda starts to act strange.

Catch this week’s drama on Generations the Legacy in the video below:

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