Watch: Enhle Mbali opens up about her mental health issues and failed marriage to Black Coffee

Former Isibaya actress, Mbali “Enhle” Mlotshwa, decided to open up about her mental issues and failed marriage to DJ Black Coffee. Mental health issues have already claimed the life of prominent celebrities like Riky Rick. These public figures died without publicising their mental problems, only to disclose them in their suicide notes. Chances are, when stars face difficult circumstances, they will not go public probably because of their status and the fear of losing that high status by disclosing a weakness that people might not expect to find in them. Mlotshwa has decided to do away with that notion and allow the public to get into the not-so-perfect side of her life.

What Mbali said about her mental health situation

The actress revealed that she had booked into a mental health institution a couple of years ago. This revelation came out on the Kaya Breakfast show on the 18th of August, where she was chatting with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka. Narrating her situation Mlotshwa said that she had become numb. She said she remembered finding herself having to go to a mental institution.

See Mbali Mlotshwa’s video below:

According to Mbali, she is now in a good place. In her words, she said at that point, before seeking help, she could not remember anything. She constantly felt numb; she did not have an opinion and said something was wrong with her. She said she was mourning death, and the death happened a long time ago. The end that she was mourning was the “death of love”. She said she was mourning all the work and the fight she had put in to make something work.

Enhle said she took herself into a mental institution and her psychologist said she was seven years late but had made it.

“From that day, healing began, and by the time I did sincerely yours, I was completely comfortable with where I was and comfortable with moving forward.”

She continued. Based on her account, she has learned how to deal with triggers and feels better. She said

“It’s a conscious decision I made and here I am today feeling beautiful from the inside out. I look the mirror and I see it.”

Furthermore, she said it allows her spiritual journey to continue because she had left it vacant and uncared for.

Enhle Mbali’s failed marriage to Black Coffee

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee in happier times-Image Source(Twitter)

Mlotshwa and Black Coffee’s marriage ended in 2019, while Mlotshwa attributed the ending to infidelity on Black Coffee’s side. She also alleged that Black Coffee used to physically abuse her. A news report stated that she wanted Black Coffee to pay her legal fees in their divorce settlement and R4 million. It was also reported that Mbali wants R100, 000 in both spousal and child support. Mbali has mentioned that she will disclose everything about Black Coffee and their marriage to the public.

Black Coffee and Mbali used to be South Africa’s favourite power couple. Many of their fans were left heartbroken after they announced their divorce.

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