Watch: Scandal actresses Nomvelo Makhanya and Botlhale Boikanyo join the BaStraata dance challenge

Scandal actresses Nomvelo Makhanya and Botlhale Boikanyo - Source: TikTok

They have the plug and the bling too. Scandal actresses Nomvelo Makhanya and Botlhale Boikanyo nail the BaStraata dance challenge. No doubt drama series Scandal has fast become one of the most-watched drama series. Despite its newfound fame, the showrunners were faced with their own owes. A host of celebrities kissed the dram serious reasons.

In the wake of the drama’s series newfound fame, its cast has been having also gain colossal fans along. Taking to social media Nomvelo Makhanya and Botlhale Boikanyo, wowed Mzansi when they join the infamous Bastraata challenge. After all, it seems as if the competition has become more popular among celebrities; everyone is joining in because they don’t want to be left out.

Nomvelo Makhanya
Nomvelo Makhanya-Image Source(Instagram/mvelomkhanya)

The two young actresses had visited a school for a charity event. It has been revealed that television personalities occasionally visit schools to connect with the viewers of their programs. As a result, when they saw a school to inspire the students, it is unknown how that turned into a dance challenge ground in which they joined the youngsters.

Scandal actress Omphile ‘Botlhale Boikanyo’ (Source Instagram)
Scandal actress Omphile ‘Botlhale Boikanyo’ (Source Instagram)

Both actresses are wearing tiny crop tops in the video, and Nomvelo paired hers with plain white Jean whilst Botlhale paired hers with a jean. Since many students at Lukhanyo High School use Tik Tok, it appears that the actresses asked the media personalities to participate in the challenge with them, and they agreed and completely nailed it. Fans praised the two actresses for how well they followed the rhythm and executed the hand dance movement, while many other celebrities had difficulty with this challenge.

Watch the video below:


Visited Lukhanyo High School yesterday for our school tours with in helping and building our communities. Fun was definitely had! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 #nomvelomakhanya #nativechildco #bastraatachallenge

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Scandal actresses Nomvelo Makhanya and Botlhale Boikanyo nail the BaStraata dance challenge

The two truly astounded Mzansi, but even though some people noted how well they executed the dance and others noted how short they were and how the schoolchildren were even taller, Mzansi thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Mzansi was confused when Scandal actor Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe, kissed her on-screen persona goodbye. Before leaving the role, she spent ten years portraying Lindiwe Ngema on screen. She has quickly developed into a beloved celebrity. She undoubtedly continued to garner media attention after her departure was announced. The circumstances surrounding her abrupt departure from the drama series have piqued Mzansi’s interest.

Nhlamulo and Lindiwe (Source Instagram)
Nhlamulo and Lindiwe – Source: Instagram

Because Nomvelo is leaving Scandal, it appears that the on-screen sisters are spending as much time as they can together. However, the vivacious actress has rapidly risen to the top of Mzansi. Fans of the celebrity still need to connect the dots regarding the reason behind her highly publicized departure. On social media, it was widely reported that her on-screen relationship harmed her illustrious career. Rumour has it that Nomvelo broke up with Scandal because her boyfriend didn’t like how intimate her new plot was.

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