Watch: Lindiwe “Nomvelo Makhanya” from Scandal performing a traditional dance

Nomvelo Makhanya

Nomvelo Makhanya, better known as Lindiwe on Scandal, posted a video on her social media accounts of her performing a traditional dance claiming that she is not just a pretty face.

She recently shared a video on Tik Tok in which she is wearing the most stunning green traditional dress with a matching headband. The scene is set in a village where she is required to perform ukugida, a type of traditional dance in the Zulu culture. The purpose of the dance is to see how high your leg can go, and Nomvelo is quite adept at performing it. Because of how well she does, those in the audience could be heard screaming while she was performing.

Mzansi was undoubtedly impressed by the young actress and how proud she is of her background, and how she emphasizes and showcases it to the world. In the video, she is even seen without any shoes. She revealed that she was with her Zulu family in the villages and enjoying every minute of connecting with the trees and lands.

Nomvelo Makhanya
Nomvelo Makhanya – Image Credit : Instagram/Nomvelo Makhanya

After it was revealed that Scandal actress Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe, was kissing her on-screen character goodbye, Mzansi was perplexed. She played the on-screen character of Lindiwe Ngema for ten years before leaving the role. She has quickly turned into a star fan of all to love. She undoubtedly continued to make headlines after the announcement of her departure. Mzansi has been curious about the circumstances surrounding her abrupt departure from the drama series. But the vivacious actress has quickly elevated herself to the top of Mzansi.

Fans of the celebrity have yet to link the dots regarding the cause of her much-discussed exit. It was widely reported on social media that her on-screen relationship harmed her illustrious career. According to rumours, Nomvelo ended her relationship with Scandal because her boyfriend didn’t like her new plot’s intimacy. However, the actress has not yet commented on whether or not the rumours are accurate.

Since she had not been that intimate recently, Mzansi was unsure of why her departure was. They all agree that the change in the plot and storyline may have had an impact on her character. She hasn’t shared a lot of kissing with her on-screen husband, Nhlamulo, in her role as Lindiwe. As their steadfast foe Mdala emerges from prison and kills her in a car accident while she is still pregnant, fans have predicted that she will leave the show through death.

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Watch Lindiwe “Nomvelo Makhanya” from Scandal performing a traditional dance below:


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