Watch: MacG’s baby mama Naledi hires strippers to deliver birthday presents live on Podcast

Watch: MacG's baby mama Naledi hires strippers to deliver MacG's birthday present live on Podcast

MacG’s baby mama Naledi Monamodi hired strippers to bring his hubby a surprise birthday present when he was live on Podcast and Chill with MacG. MacG had been topping the headlines last week after chillers accused him of taking the show for granted. Some suggested that fame and money are getting the best of him, and he doesn’t know how to conduct himself.

MacG admitted to making mistakes by mistreating Sol Phenduka and Ghost lady on the Podcast. He vowed not to repeat such behaviour and insisted he give himself a warning. It seemed that MacG was to have a boring birthday with chillers wanting his head, but he managed to turn things around, thanks to his lovely baby Mama Naledi.

MacG was busy interviewing Sizwe Dhlomo when Naledi decided to surprise his lover. As shocking as it may seem, strippers walked through half-naked in front of the cameras to deliver presents from MacG. It was a weird moment for everyone in the studio until they all realised they were not asleep. The two strippers walked in as if they were in a club and did what they knew best. Sol Phenduka’s reactions had left many fans asking questions.

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MacG’s baby mama Naledi hires strippers to deliver a birthday present live on Podcast.

As the father of her kids turned thirty-three, Naledi decided to surprise her with some beautiful presents. Indeed, the gifts are nothing extraordinary, but the mode of delivery interests the fan the most. Rarely do we see women as beautiful as those in half-naked attires. As the strippers entered, Sol looked like he was lost; he asked what was happening and that when MacG saw the cake as said it was his birthday. That was the moment that Sol loved the most; he went off his chair and hugged the strippers so tightly, leaving fans in awe.

The boys asked the stripers to dance for them to Rihanna’s stripping song. Unfortunately, the DJ could not find the piece in time for the stripers to dance. On the other hand, Sizwe looked so unfazed, but MacG noticed it and asked him if he had seen this before.

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Watch Naledi’s strippers delivering MacG’s birthday presents.

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