Watch: “I’ve always been a wolf”! It’s a full moon and Lehasa bursts Pretty’s bubble wide open as he confesses to killing Fanie

Pretty and Lehasa from Skeem Saam

Lehasa bared his fangs and exposed his true self to Pretty. She was not ready for it, and so were we. All this time, Pretty has been warned by everyone she loves to keep away from Lehasa, and she didn’t listen; the chickens have come home to roost.

Pretty got to see the real side of Lehasa when she came out straight and asked him to tell her the truth. She was caught between a rock and a hard place last Friday when she witnessed him almost strangling Kgosi to death. Lehasa also fainted twice in court after witnesses on the stand pointed out how he killed Fanie.

Pretty finally asks Lehasa to tell him the truth about Fanie’s death, and Khwezi interferes.

” Oh honey you can’t handle the truth”

Pretty then decides to go and ask Leeto, and he gives her the ” I told you so” speech. Remember that Pretty went to ask for Leeto’s advice a few weeks ago, and he told her to leave Lehasa while there was still time. Pretty also got the same warning from Petersen, but she chose to love. Leeto told her to live with the consequences of being Lehasa’s girlfriend.

Lehasa finally shows Pretty who he is

Pretty then went back to the penthouse to find Lehasa discussing Something with Khwezi and Malome followed her soon after. She went to the bedroom too, sulk, and Lehasa followed her. We all could see from when he closed the door that he was about to go into animal mode.

He asked Pretty what was wrong with her.

“I don’t belong here” she said
“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, ziyakhala ke manje” he said

Pretty couldn’t believe her ears so she got up and asked him to be honest with her because she claims she didn’t know who he was. Lehasa rubbishes her utterances and tells her that he knows precisely who he was and was right. Pretty knows what Lehasa did to Sonti Magongwa to Katlego Peter; he threw her out with his pregnancy and called her immature. The man is ruthless.

The truth is she can’t get out of the relationship now. She knows too much. Lehasa told her that he had never pretended to be a sheep. Is this enough for her to leave?

Tomorrow Kgosi takes the stand, and according to the teasers, he is willing to bury Lehasa.

Watch the video of Lehasa confronting Pretty below:

Catch more of this tomorrow on Skeem Saam on SABC1 at 18h00.


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