Watch: House of Zwide cast joins in on the CUFF IT dance challenge

House of Zwide cast-Image Source(Instagram)

They have the plug and the bling too. House of Zwide cast participated in the CUFF IT dance challenge on Tik Tok. They finally brought some cast members onto the Beyoncé song dance challenge set after receiving pressure from their fans after many cast members from other shows completed the challenge.

Ona from House of Zwide, Nefisa Mkhabela, is the one who essentially coerced the other cast members into taking the challenge. She revealed two versions of them trying to do the video, the first one of the cast members looking very uninterested in what she was trying to get them to do. She finally got their blood high, and they nailed it on the second try as they received so many compliments from fans of the show about how much they go with the rhythm and how they are a cast with fluidity in their bodies.

House of Zwide cast
House of Zwide cast-Image Source(Instagram)

Nefisa, among the cast’s youngest members, was asked by fans to gather her family for the dance. She complied with Mzansi’s instructions, much to the audience’s delight.

Mkhabela Nefisa is a talented and famous South African actress. In the television fashion drama series House of Zwide, she portrays an energetic Kasi fashion designer. The rising star actress has established herself as one of Mzansi’s most sought-after performers due to her extraordinary talent. She has been successful in winning over many people to her admiration since the release of House of Zwide.

House of Zwide nails the CUFF IT dance challenge

She only started acting in 2018, but her leading role in House of Zwide made her a household name. The calm child persona of South African actress Ona has made her very popular. She is twenty years old. Almost nothing is known about her early years. She avoids being noticed. She hasn’t made any posts about her family on her social media accounts, which are not particularly well-known.

Mkhabela Nefisa publicly expressed her happiness over her significant victory. The 2018 drama Unmarried on 1 Magic gave her her debut role as Mbali. The actress scored a substantial victory in 2021 when she was chosen to star in the Mzansi Magic original film Ispaza Sasekhaya. She was the key figure in the undertaking. In 2021, she received an offer for the title role of Ona Molapo on House of Zwide.

Nefisa appears to be someone who values herself! She recently shared tips with her followers on how to get her as a girlfriend. She gave men advice on how to get her in the Tik Tok video she dropped because she is one of the most sought-after women in Mzansi, as everyone is aware. She stated in the video that she prefers men who initiate the conversation by saying, “Let’s go here,” instead of posing open-ended queries. When she gets there, she wants to know exactly what to expect.

Watch the video below:


And that’s it from our family🥰 #houseofzwide #hoz #tiktok #fyp #fypシ

♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

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