House of Zwide storyline of Faith’s Fall from Grace disappoints Mzansi

House of Zwide cast

House of Zwide has been doing the most lately and a lot is happening onscreen simultaneously. With the return of Alex Khadzi, a lot of problems came for the Zwide family, including Zanele. When she thought Alex had gotten her good, she sought Faith’s mother’s help. This leads Nkosi to carry on with the plan to punish Faith after noticing that she is feeling better.

How Faith found herself in Thembisa

After Faith gave Zanele calculated advice, Nkosi noticed that with the way Zanele was emotional, she would not have thought of that alone. So he confronts her and learns Faith had helped Zanele get rid of Alex. With this information, Nkosi realised that Faith was better and started his revenge plan while his father was not feeling well. Nkosi got the hospital that held Faith to kick her out, knowing she had nowhere to go.

Winnie Ntshaba
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However, Faith had one last card up her sleeve as she bought Nomsa’s grandmother’s house way back but did not tell anyone. She then returned to Thembisa and lived with Nomsa, Shoki, Sandile and Soka. The woman who used to live in a lavish mansion with servants now has to do house chores for those around her. With the understanding that no one liked her nor wanted to be around her, Faith lives like the people she used to look down upon in Thembisa, which she calls hell.

Faith’s Fall from Grace in House of Zwide disappoints fans.

Taking to his Instagram, Entertainment news reporter Phil Mpela pointed out that her fall from grace storyline has done one before. He went on to say that the same thing has been done in The River stone and Gomora with Thati’s anchor. Currently, in Lingashoni, Puleng is going through almost the same thing. Many Tweeps in his comment section also agreed that many of these soapies tell a nearly identical story that fans have seen in other dramas.

Faith in House of Zwide
Faith in House of Zwide-Image Source(Twitter)

Many soapie lovers are disappointed with the way the writer has written the storyline. With the way Faith’s character was she would have told people she owned the house way back. She would have rubbed it in Shoki’s face long ago when she started dating Nkosi.

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