Watch: Gomora’s Thembi Seete trends for doing a TikTok dance

Thembi Seete trends for doing a TikTok dance

Thembi Seete has long been one of Mzansi’s favourite celebrities, and sentiments toward her are growing when the celebrity posted a video of herself dancing to Calm Down by Rema on TikTok, it garnered attention. The app has a specific dance challenge for the song.

She seems to enjoy TikTok, but it makes sense, given how frequently she danced in the past while she was still a member of Boom Shaka. Thembi Seete is known for being a better dancer than a singer. Her group was known for performing the sexiest dances of the 1990s, so dancing is nothing new to her. The busy celebrity makes sure she clears her schedule and surprises her fans with moves when a particular Tik Tok dance challenges her.

She continues to astound Mzansi with her age, and many people mistake her for being in her late 20s or very early 30s. She recently turned 45, which means she is in her late 40s, but you wouldn’t know it from how vivacious and youthful-looking she is. The gorgeous star has repeatedly been asked by her fans what her beauty secret is, but she always replies that it isn’t anything complicated; all she does is eat well, take care of her skin, and exercise when she can squeeze it into her busy schedule.

Dakalo is the name of the child that Thembi and businessman Collen Mashawana are parents too. Despite having a successful career from 17, the singer didn’t become pregnant or give birth until she was 40 years old in 2018; maybe that is why she is so stunning. However, the celebrity appears as if she has never given birth due to her attractive appearance.

Thembi Seete
Thembi Seete – Image Credit: Instagram/Thembi Seete
Thembi Seete
Thembi Seete – Image Credit: Instagram/Thembi Seete

Along with Somizi and JR, she currently serves as a judge on Idols. After the talent show showed them the door as judges, she and JR were selected as judges to replace Unathi and Randall. People frequently compliment Thembi’s beauty and how she always dresses the part and never falters, making it appear that she is a fan favourite on the popular show. Many people believed she was on the program to take Unathi’s place. Still, she has demonstrated to Mzansi that she judges in a very different manner from Unathi, forcing people into a position where they cannot compare the two. Everyone knows that Thembi is a free spirit who enjoys dancing and having a good time, so there is no animosity between the two.

Watch Thembi Seete’s Tiktok dance below:


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