House of Zwide: 15 September 2022 – Funani is ready to move on and Onalerona breathes fire on Keletso

House Of Zwide actor Funani Zwide ' Vusi Kunene' (Source Instagram)

Funani and Faith had a long conversation about his ultimatum. She battles to let go of being Faith Zwide, the fashion icon and rich wife. Her whole life was dedicated to winning her husband, but it has all crumbled. After constant begging and crying, she has accepted that being poor and free is better than being imprisoned in her mind.

Since Funani saw this as a fitting punishment, he is pleased she will suffer for the rest of her life.

In tonight’s episode, Funani will express how he is ready to move on with his life. With his newfound calmness and acceptance that he wants things to return to normal, he will get disturbing news. Mavuso will inform him they have a massive problem, and he will be startled. He knows he will be meeting someone who will shake his life around.

Onalerona from House of Zwide. Image: Instagram/Nefisa Mkhabela

Onalerona, on the other hand, still resides in the Molapo household. She has been moody since Isaac went back to get back to health. Keletso and Rea want Isaac to stay with them as he is their family, and Onalerona hates his guts. Seeing that Kele keeps pushing, she appreciates his presence, but Onalerona will get angry at her. She sees her liking for him as an apparent betrayal of her feelings.

Onalerona is angry and will do whatever seems to be a release for her. She will direct her anger to Kele as they disagree on Issac’s presence. She will also take off steam as she is the biological daughter of the man who took her away from her family.

Molefe has been having a hard time since he heard Dorothy is not impressed by his bedroom skills. He will try hiding the fact whilst trying to find a solution to his problem. Dorothy also feels terrible, and she will try addressing the issue with him. It will not be easy as both sides negatively affect the matter.

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