Watch: Bonko Khoza from The Wife real-life wife ,Lesego Khoza doing the waga bietjie challenge

Lesego and Bonko Khoza

Lesego Khoza, Bonko Khoza’s real-life wife, did the waga bietjie challenge and demonstrated how to move it to Mzansi when she showed how to shake it. She is renowned for having a very reserved and reserved personality, so when fans caught her doing this, they were a little taken aback.

It took Mzansi a while to get used to the fact that her husband Bonko Khoza’s on-screen wife, Mbalenhle Mavimbela, was not his real-life wife but rather Lesego. Bonko Khoza is best known for playing the role of Mqhele on The Wife. However, Bonko always brags about her to his fan base, and his wife’s fan base has grown as a result of people becoming more familiar with her face and wanting to learn more about her due to her husband. Fans were shocked when she performed the well-known Waga Bitjie dance to Cooper Pabi’s song on her Tik Tok because she struck them as a respectable woman who holds herself to the highest standards.

She did pretty well, though at times, she didn’t follow the rhythm, and Mzansi thought it was one of the cutest things they had ever seen, even though it was not something she was comfortable doing. The dance involves shaking one’s leg and their entire body.

Lesego and Bonko Khoza -Image Credit :Instagram/Bonko Khoza

In the acting world, Bonko and Lesego Khoza are a powerful couple who openly express their love for one another. They are both budding actors in the business. Lesego plays Lindiwe in Isono on BET, and Bonko Khoza plays Mqhele in The Wife, his most notable role. Bonko remembers that they shared a college friend when they first met. Lesego’s friend was informed that Bonko, who is a year older than him, likes Lesego. She claimed it was love at first sight on her part when Lesego learned about it and requested to see him.

Lesego Khoza – Image Credit : Instagram/Lesego Khoza

Before dating, they spent some time hanging out, and their first kiss happened in a taxi commute. On the other hand, despite liking Lesego, Bonko was hesitant to approach her. He didn’t want to look like the guys who regularly scout first-year girls in college because that was the norm. But he went up to her and requested that she buy him a cigarette. The couple wed on March 13th, the same day they started dating after nine years. Lesego and Bonko initially stood in complete opposition to one another, with Bonko representing the bad guy. However, the two made a good team, and each other’s positive qualities rubbed off on the other. According to how they told their love story, Bonko Khoza discovered Jesus due to Lesego and let go of his negative characteristics.

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Watch Bonko Khoza from The Wife real-life wife ,Lesego Khoza doing the waga bietjie challenge below:



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