Kwenzo Ngcobo ‘Qhawe’ from The Wife’s soft life impresses Mzansi

Kwenzo Ngcobo

.Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo is famously known for his role as Qhawe in the Showmax hit series The Wife, which earned him the title of South African ladies’ man crush. The actor fast became a household name, and with her fame also came a lot of money for him as he got to work with many businesses. Kwenzo Ngcobo gets to live a loud and colourful life, and his soft life has become other people’s envy as they have seen him gaining it in a short period.

Kwenzo Ngcobo as Qhawe in The Wife

Qhawe is one of the Zulu brothers who suffer from childhood trauma, just like the rest of his other seven brothers. In the last two seasons, he felt underchanged after his brother beat him into asking a girl he had seen first out. He had to nurse his crush for his big brother’s woman while seeing her almost every day and seeing his brother mistreat her sometimes.

Qhawe and Naledi from The Wife
Qhawe and Naledi from The Wife-Image Source(Instagram/KwenzoNgcobo)

In the long awaited third season coming soon, Qhawe gets to be the lead character with his love interest Naledi. The showrunners pay their actors well, and the show hasn’t been in any disputes with their team yet. Because of this, Kwenzo Ngcobo is starting to live the luxurious life that most celebrities live, and he is not shy to show it off to his fans.

Kwenzo’s business empire expanded

Kwenzo Ngcobo
Kwenzo Ngcobo-Image Source(Instagram/kwenzo_phobola).

In the wake of his landing his role in The Wife, Kwenzo Ngcobo started getting a lot of attention from fans. With this came more followers on his Instagram and other social media accounts. With his newly found fame came many ambassadorial jobs for the actor, and more shows also wanted to work with him. The actor landed deals with Jaguar South Africa, Jagermeister, Showmax and many more.

Kwenzo Ngcobo’s soft life, as shown on social media

With all the new sources of income the actor gets, he is now living an A-lister lifestyle with a lot of travelling. Whether for work or leisure, Kwenzo has found himself visiting many holiday destinations around South Africa and outside. With his cast mates, they have been guests at a lot of shows and events where they rub shoulders with other rich and famous people.

Kwenzo Ngcobo
Kwenzo Ngcobo-Image Source(Instagram/kwenzo_phobola)

From Kwenzo’s Instagram page, it is clear he is into cars, and his taste is for small luxurious vehicles. A few months ago, he showed off his Maserati in a video, and many fans applauded his taste in vehicles. In one of his posts; he also showed off a silver Alfa Romeo, one of the whips in his garage. The actor recently showed off an orange Jaguar, which is not clear to fans whether he owns it or it’s a sponsored vehicle.

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