Watch: Are Kabisi and Fikile developing romantic feelings for one another? 

Fikile from Generations

Fikile might be getting the bigger Moroka after the disastrous end to her relationship with Mazwi. Kabisi moved in with Fikile and Mazwi after she moved out of the Moroka house due to her first breakup with Mazwi.

Mazwi decided to go and ask for a second chance with Fikile, and Kabisi was against that decision, so Mazwi moved out of the Moroka mansion to go and stay with Fikile. Kabisi didn’t take the news of Mazwi leaving very well and suffered a minor coronary.

Fikile and Mazwi decided to take him in because he would have been living alone in the mansion. Kabisi has been very supportive of Fikile since the wedding fell apart between her and Mazwi. He has been staying there and growing a very close relationship with Fikile.

Are Fikile and Kabisi in love?

On Monday night, Lucy and Ayanda visited Fikile after returning from her trip that was supposed to be her honeymoon. The girls heard about Tracy and her involvement with Mazwi, and they were there to offer their shoulders and support to Fikile.

The ladies were surprised to find Kabisi running the house and taking excellent care of Fikile.

Kabisi’s presence raises questions from the ladies, and Lucy pipes, asking why Kabisi lives in Fikile’s house. Fikile explains that the Moroka mansion was sold quickly, and Kabisi needed a place to stay.

Fikile then takes her explanation further and tells Lucy and Ayanda how much of a pillar and source of support Kabisi has been to her after her ordeal.

Lucy and Ayanda looked surprised, especially when Fikile said

“He is kind and gentle.”

The next shot in the other room reveals that Kabisi was also listening in and caught the compliments she was paying him, and what’s more, he loved it. Kabisi has been very gentle with Fikile, even before the wedding day. He has been looking after her interests.

So, is there something brewing between the two?

According to teasers for next month, Mazwi starts to feel uncomfortable with the closeness between Kabisi and his ex, just like Lucy and Ayanda. It is not unfounded that she would be somewhat attracted to Kabisi and vice versa; remember that Kabisi did marry the gorgeous Tshidi Moroka.

This storyline would be the greatest revenge for Mazwi, and viewers would find some relief from the traumatic experience that Fikile has gone through.

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Watch the video of Fikile gushing over the support she receives from Kabisi below:

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