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zodwa wabantu and vusi buthelezi

Vusi Ngubane is Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10 boyfriend. Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10 boyfriend Vusi Ngubane is 23 years of age and he is visibly way younger than his lover. He is often referred to as Zodwa Wabantu’s Ben 10. He prefers to be called Zodwa’s boyfriend instead.

The couple can’t get enough of each other. They are always picnicking at any given chance. They usually post a picture together

Picnic pictures of Zodwa and boyfriend Vusi Ngubane

Vusi Buthelezi Zodwa Wabantu riding bikes

Zodwa Wabantu had to explain about her Ben 10 boyfriend in an Instagram Post.

She said, “Hi guys let me explain about the Ben 10 story being Zodwa Rebecca Libram. They are young adventurous, outgoing, ambitious, they have their dreams ahead o them. So when it comes to me i have my own busy life and they are also busy with their dreams. I like to date busy people.

The tall Vusi walks to Zodwa who is lying with her back. Zodwa seems to be mourning about some pain in her body. She asks Vusi to touch her knees as she raises her legs. Vusi complies and presses her knees down. Zodwa performs some sit-ups with her head approaching Vusi as if she wants to kiss him.

Vusi Ngubane helps Zodwa to exercise

In the video we see Zodwa lying on the floor enjoying a fresh air breeze and some sunshine. She calls Vusi who was just setting up the camera to take the video.

What a romantic affair it was.

The couple likes to swim together. We are not sure if Vusi likes swimming or she is just forced into it

Zodwa Wabantu and another Ben 10 Boyfriend Ntobeko Linda

Zodwa Wabantu and Ben 10 boyfriend Ntobeko and Ntobeko’s mother

Zodwa has always preferred younger boyfriends. She introduced Ntobeko Linda to South Africa and she proposed him and paid lobola for him. It is bizarre and against African culture for a woman to pay lobola for a man.

The couple broke up and Zodwa demanded half of her lobola back. Zodwa soon moved in with Vusi Buthelezi



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