A-Reece shares picture of girlfriend Rickelle Jones smoking

rickelle jones Areece girlfriend

A-Reece girlfriend smoking: South Africa rapper A-Reece is in love with girlfriend Rickelle Jones and they are enjoying good moments. AReece recently shared a picture of the couple together lying on the bed, whilst Rickelle was enjoying a cigarette. The picture was posted on her birthday.

The pair are big fans of each other. AReece says he is inspired by Rickelle, and the feeling is mutual for his girlfriend as he usually posts pictures of him on her Instagram.

The picture was posted with a caption,

“happy earthstrong to my partner in crime! you’re my inspiration” and A-Reece didn’t seem to mind his smoking girlfriend

areece and girlfriend rickelle jones smoking
A-Reece and girlfriend Rickelle Jones enjoy nap

Long time relationship

The couple has been in love for a long period and the relationship has matured. Reece has been experiencing difficulties in his music career since the time he was at Ambitiouz. He revealed he was earning a maximum of R20,000 regardless of the number of shows he performed or the amount of money he made to the record label. His earnings were not related to his record sales. Rickelle stuck with him during all these periods


Some of the interesting comments about the post:

“God ble$$ her w!th prosperity and more wins. Keep her $afe merhn there’re zomb!es out there”

“inspiration on another level”

The Boy AReece jumped onto Rickelle after his break up with Natasha Thahane. Natasha denies they were ever an item with A-Reece and didn’t even want to kiss him for a music video. It turns out A-Reece could have manufactured the love story.

A-Reece dedicated an entire verse on the ‘Juliet Rose’ song to girlfriend Rickelle and the verse starts like…

Somewhere in the south with me and Mo
You’ve probably seen me with her
All she want from meis love so that’s all I give her
Clouds in that C200 hot box and like ? it
If we get caught by the cops we’ll sort it out what’s

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