Skeem Saam: Lehasa Maphosa pays lobola for Khwezi, as Pretty spends birthday alone

Lehasa Maphosa pays lobola for Khwezi, as Pretty spends birthday alone

Lehasa took the trip to KZN and ensured he had finished what he had started. He unintentionally paid Lobola for Khwezi, and the uncles are not leaving her behind, which means the love triangle has officially begun. Lehasa and Khwezi are officially married.

The negotiations were a touch-and-go because of the irritating uncle Manqoba, who was acting like a hungry caveman.

He treated the Lobola negotiations like a business transaction and nearly cost the entire ceremony to fall apart.

Khwezi was sitting in the bedroom, waiting to be called out. Still, she was freaking out and completely losing it, especially when the uncles walked out to have a conversation with Lehasa about the Gasela’s asking for more money.

Lehasa paid everything, and it was a glorious day for the Gasela clan.

Meanwhile, Pretty was left alone in a hotel on her birthday.

Some good came to her in the midst of all, and that is her mother calling her back home and wishing her a happy birthday.

Skeem Saam Viewers expected that she would pack up after that phone call to go and enjoy some time away from Lehasa and his drama, but she did not.

Pretty spent her day posting a cupcake on social media, captioning it “love lives here”.

Lehasa appears to be a step ahead of Khwezikazi.
Lehasa appears to be a step ahead of Khwezikazi. Credit: Twitter/Skeem Saam

The comment section has gone wild because, even though they are rooting for her, turning down her mother to stay in a terrible situation is entirely on her.

The Gaselas were singing and rejoicing about the success of Khwezi going back with her traditional husband, Lehasa Maphosa.

Pretty doesn’t know that Lehasa paid Lobola for Khwezi; she only thinks he paid damages for Khwezi’s pregnancy.

Now that Khwezi is more of a Maphosa, if Lehasa goes to jail, Khwezi will be left behind to take care of his belongings.

Pretty chose Lehasa over her family, and he chose his family over her. He listened to his uncle and betrayed her R120 000 times.

Lehasa has always wanted a child and was willing to do anything to have a baby. He froze the eggs of his late wife Zandile, and Khwezi is giving him exactly what he wants, an heir to the Maphosa empire.

Now the real games begin. How is Lehasa going to handle this situation?

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