Skeem Saam: Lehasa wants to marry Khwezi but Pretty is not worried

Lehasa wants to marry Khwezi but Pretty is not worried

The latest Skeem Saam episode left people in a sad state as they wanted to see the relationship between Pretty and Lehasa progress. She tried to kill him, and now Lehasa is getting married to the same girl. Lehasa chooses Khwezi over Pretty, sending Skeem Saam’s fans into a frenzy. Lehasa is about to get married to someone he doesn’t love, which is very sad. Even though life can be complicated sometimes, things would be different if Khwezi didn’t have secrets about Lehasa.

The plan to get rid of Pretty is still on the table for Khwezi. Khwezi’s storyline is no longer attractive to people. Pretty and Lehasa’s relationship is worth watching; everything seems so natural. Skeem Saam reflects reality in everything that happens. Pregnancies are sometimes the reason people get married. Due to its relatability, Skeem Saam has always been a popular show in Mzansi.

Despite Pretty leaving her family to be with the love of her life, Lehasa is planning to marry Khwezi.

Khwezi on Skeem Saam. Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam

Social media responses on Twitter:

To end this disheartening situation, a Twitter user declared, ‘Lehasa should pretend she has no money, so Khwezi doesn’t fight.’ The viewers clench their fists, hoping that Khwezi loses the baby as then she would lose control over Lehasa.

So many fans are shipping Lehasa and Pretty because they have such intense chemistry. “It seems that they are actually in love”, one user commented. They have even named these lovers PreHasa. Skeem Saam viewership has even increased as a result of this relationship. Watching Lehasa treat Pretty like a princess draws people to the show. Watching it is a beautiful experience for them.

One Twitter user threatened, “I am willing to destroy my TV if Lehasa marries Khwezi.”

Someone responded, “I am not a malicious person, but I support Lehasa and Khwezi in killing the baby. Pretty deserves a good life.”.

Viewers are disappointed as it seems their favourite couple will not be getting a happily ever after. Khwezi is annoying fans so much that some fans would instead the producers kill off her character so they can finally have their happily ever after. But that’s the thrill of soapies, and the viewers do not always get what they want.

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