Outrage as Khanyi Mbau joins The Wife, Mzansi demands better replacement

Khanyi Mbau joins The Wife-Image Source(Instagram)

The Showmax hit series The Wife has been the talk of the nation since its debut a few weeks ago. Thursdays are now most Television drama fanatics’ favourite day. Since its pre-production phase, fans of Dudu Busani Dube’s book series, Hlomu the wife, have been invested in the show. Today the news of a peek into the awaited cast of Season 2 has been met with outrage as Khanyi Mbau joins The Wife as Zandile.

Season two of the Zulu brothers’ wives series will be based on the book Zandile the Resolute. This story follows the love story of the oldest Zulu brother Nkosana and Zandile. Showmax has announced that Khanyi Mbau has been cast as Zandile in the second season, which will premiere in February 2022.

The fans met this news with mixed emotions as they feel the actress does not embody the Zandile book character. Fans have been dropping names of actresses who would be better suited for the role. In Dudu’s book, Zandile is a plain Jane, a woman one wouldn’t look twice at in the street. Khanyi as a celebrity is the opposite of that. Some fans seem to be of the mind that she would be better suited for the role of Oletta or Gugu.

Zandile The Resolute follows the story of Nkosana and Zandile, which is a modern-day South African township, Romeo and Juliet. The two lovers are from families that hate each other. However, their love is so strong, and it endures all the hatred, prison time and death.

Khanyi Mbau is Zandile in The Wife

Khanyi Mbau has been showing off her talent as an actress ever since she played Doobsie on Muvhango in 2004. She fast became a household name in South Africa. She has been in Television soapies like Ashes to Ashes, Isithembiso, Scandal and The Lab, only to mention a few. However, a few fans trust that Khanyi’s talent is big enough to ace that role and are excited to see her on the show.

Khanyi Mbau is Zandile-Image Source(Instagram)
Khanyi Mbau is Zandile-Image Source(Instagram)

Khanyi has had presenter gigs that are too many to count from The Scoop, Katch it with Khanyi, The SAFTAs, SAMAs and Turn it Out-Street Battle. Currently, the actress who has been living large in Dubai with her boyfriend has a Netflix movie that is trending called Happiness Ever After, which is a sequel of Happiness is a Four-Letter Word.

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