Next on Durban Gen: Episode 312 on 14 December 2021-Cupid’s arrow has struck Calvin Gumede

Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram)

Durban Gen: Episode 312-Calvin is in love

Nurse Sne is on some jealousy streak, and she is being sneaky about it. The gossip mill among the Durban Gen staff does not help as they keep making remarks that Shweni was better in bed than Sne. However, the cunning nurse uses stealthy random gestures of kindness to cover up her ultimate end game, revenging on Shweni. She made it that when she finally makes her move, Shweni will not be expecting it, and Sne will not even be a suspect.

The Dlaminis are in a crisis of their own. Thabo, who thought it was a great idea to drink in celebration after his first surgery on Andile, is regretting hard. He tries to use medicine to sober himself up, and Mbali catches him. After fighting for a few moments, Mbali curves in and doesn’t report Thabo to the hospital authorities. She even takes on the job of scrubbing in on Thabo’s surgery despite her uncertainties. Zulu notices that something is wrong when Thabo takes over the operation, but he can not pinpoint it.

Dr Thabo-Image Source(Instagram)
Dr Thabo-Image Source(Instagram)

On the other hand, Calvin seems to be having the best day. After meeting Lindiwe, he finally hopes that he has a chance at love again with his childhood friend. Lindiwe seems interested in Calvin too and asks Phumeza about his marital status. Phumeza asks after Lindiwe’s husband and is met by immediate withdrawal from the bubbly patient.

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What to expect on Durban Gen: Episode 312

Andile’s surgery is being done, and Thabo finds that he cannot concentrate that easily. He asks Mbali to do something that Phumeza silently disagrees with. Will Andile survive with his friend’s help when Thabo needs help on his own?

Lindiwe-Image Source(Instagram)
Lindiwe-Image Source(Instagram)

A love-struck Calvin finally gets a chance to have a conversation with Lindiwe. They catch up on life and some of the things they have missed out on in each other’s lives. What is Lindiwe’s secret? is she married and looking for a fling with Calvin, who seems to see a future with her?

Suspicions are high that Sne locked Matron and Shweni in the storeroom last night. In today’s episode, she will offer to take on Matron’s tasks in her absence. Is this part of her bigger vengeance plan against Shweni over Doctor Zulu?

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