House of Zwide: Episode 106 on 14 December 2021-Onalerona moves out

Onalerona from House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram)

Father and daughter are engaged in a heartbreaking stand-off after Onalerona announces that she wants to quit school. A family meeting is called to discuss Onaerona’s decision. Despite Rea’s warning to Bra Isaac to be level headed when addressing the issue, things spiral out of hand. Isaac gives Ona the ultimatum that she would have to finish her degree if she wanted to live in the house. In a shocking turn of events, Ona chooses to leave to Rea’s dismay. Bra Isaac asks for his necklace back, claiming that Ona doesn’t deserve it.

On the other hand, Nkosi is being coward and chickening out on telling Shoki the truth. He tries to make excuses to Ona when confronted, saying that technically he didn’t cheat because he had broken up with her when he slept with Mampho. He, however, manages to convince Ona that he is going to come clean to Shoki.

Nkosi from House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram)
Nkosi from House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram)

Nkosi is not the only Zwide in trouble; Zanele is behind with the Christmas party planning and finds it hard to cope under pressure. However, she tries to fake composure and makes it seem like she has everything under control. Her new relationship has been taking all her attention, and it’s getting her in trouble with Laz.

What to expect in on House of Zwide: Episode 106

Things will take a rough turn for Nkosi Zwide as Nomsa learns of his secret. Given that Nomsa is overprotective of her sister, will she keep the secret from Shoki? Ona, who had promised Isaac that she would move out, makes good on her word and leaves the house. The Molapo household will never be the same with Ona not around anymore. Will this decision be the solution they need to fix the father and daughter relationship? Does distance make hearts grow fonder indeed?

Soka, who is the good Samaritan and always there for everyone, is faced with a struggle of his own as he fails his examinations. Who will be there for him in his darkest hours? How will Nomsa take the news of her brother failing when they can barely afford their wellbeing?


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