“It was a hit,” Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu Mpisane’s southern wing at La Lucia pounced by unknown hitmen

Business mogul Sbu Mpisane with Shauwn Mkhize - Source: Twitter

“It was a hit,” Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu Mpisane’s southern wing at La Lucia pounced by unknown hitmen. Wonders never cease to amaze. There is more than drama at Royal AM boss Shauwn Mkhize’s home. The million-rand mansion, best known as La Lucia, was broken into recently. The break-in is said to have happened over the weekend. In the mix of things, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots if their bubbly family was ok. However, in the mix of things, MaMkhize has since weighed into the matter that has seen her topping trends of late.

Taking it to the media outlets, she denied that her part of the La Lucia estate was a target for the criminals, and she distanced herself from this. However, in the mix of things, Mzansi was more than puzzled that Shauwn and her ex-husband Sbu Mpisane share the same Durban estate. Well of interest is the fact that they live in separate mansions because they are going through a divorce.

In Pictures: Get to know multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize's ex-husband Sbu Mpisane 
Multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize’s ex-husband Sbu Mpisane  (Source Instagram)

Confirmed reports have it that Sbu Mpisane occupies the part of the mansion targeted by the criminals, and according to News24, it was a planned hit.

Sbu Mpisane’s southern wing at La Lucia pounced by unknown hitmen

Taking it to the media, he revealed that the hitmen had gained entry using the house keys, but he does not know how they got them. Shaken by the incident, Sbu explained to News24 what had transpired:

“On Saturday when I arrived home, I smelt cigarettes and alcohol in the place, and I knew there were people inside. When I slowly moved to the lounge area, I saw the intruders sitting there drinking my alcohol and possibly waiting for me to arrive. But they were quick to escape, and as I ran after them to shoot them – I saw them getting into a white vehicle and speeding off.”

“This was not a break-in. In the numerous times that these suspects entered my home, nothing was taken, and not even a glass was removed. They came here with one intention, and that is to kill me. I hope that the police are treating this with urgency because those men will be back at my house. I’ll be ready for them. There was no forced entry; a key for the lounge door was used to enter the house. How he got the key is not known to me.”

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Col Robert Netshiunda has since confirmed the news.

“There is a northern part and a southern part. The woman lives in the northern part and the man in the southern part because they are going through a divorce. It is in the southern part where the man lives where the robbers tried to strike, ” continued Netshiunda.

“The investigation will continue and we will talk to the apprehended suspect once he is up to it, ” he concluded.

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