Is House of Zwide actress Dorothy ‘Brenda Mukwevho’ related to Podcast and Chill host MacG Mukwevho?

Brenda and MacG Mukwevho

Over the years, people have noticed that sometimes talent in the entertainment industry runs in families, and from International to local stages, some families have it all. One can take examples of several families in the South African entertainment industry like the Mbathas, Khumalos and many more. Podcast and Chill with MacG have been trending and becoming one of the most talked about, while actress and director Brenda Mukwevho has also been making big moves which have people wondering if she is related to MacG Mukwevho, who hosts the former.

Mzansi is curious to know whether the Venda-speaking entertainers Brenda Mukwevho and MacG Mukwevho are related by blood. Let’s dive in and see if the two talents are relatives in real life. The actress and MacG like to keep their private lives and families out of the public’s eye.

Brenda Mukwevho

Brenda Mukwevho
Brenda Mukwevho-Image Source(Instagram/Brenda Mukwevho)

The actress rose to fame when she landed a role in the famous Venda series Muvhango playing Lufuno Mukwevho until her character was killed. The actress picked up some directing skills while on the set of Muvhango. This gave her the experience she needed to branch out to the behind-the-scenes crew. Her first primary directing job was on Uzalo, the most viewed soapie in Mzansi and has been holding the position for many years.

Brenda later directed Rhythm City, My perfect family and many more. Currently, she plays Dorothy, a maid in House of Zwide.

MacG Mukwevho

MacG came into the limelight in the early 2000s when he was the presenter of Craze till 2005, when he bid farewell to the programme to pursue a career as a radio DJ full time. He has toured Africa with MTV base and is known for playing dance music. He had worked for several radio stations like YFM, where he hosted great shows on weekends before moving to 947 before he was fired.

MacG-Image Source(Instagram/MacGUnleashed)

MacG launched his podcast in 2018 and is known for having interviewed many celebrities on his platform. He uttered a statement about his hate for homosexual men: and why he lost one of his jobs.

Are Brenda Mukwevho and MacG Mukwevho related?

The two entertainers are not big fans of posting about their families in public. However, social media has tried connecting the dots in the relationship between them and concluded they have similar surnames. The Mukwevho surname is shared among the Venda people, and the two are not related by blood.

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