Well Paid: House of Zwide actress Dorothy ‘Brenda Mukwevho’s salary revealed

Brenda Mukwevho

South African actress Brenda Mukwevho has been on the acting game since her days on Muvhango, where she became a household name through her character Lufuno. Since then, she has grown her business empire and become a force to be reckoned with as an actress and a director. Her current role as a maid in House of Zwide pays Brenda Mukwevho well, as her salary is revealed.

Brenda as Dorothy in House of Zwide

The role of Dorothy brought to life by the actress is that of a maid at the Zwide mansion treated like family. She has been with the family for many years and knows most of their secrets. Dorothy is good at keeping them from the public. Recently her private life came clashing with her job and relationship with the Zwides after she sneaked her boyfriend into the mansion. A robbery took place while they were there, leading to the two getting framed for it.

Brenda Mukwevho with House of Zwide cast
Brenda Mukwevho with House of Zwide cast-Image Source(Instagram/Brenda Mukwevho)

Dorothy cleared her name, however, and got back in the good graces of her bosses. This was mainly because Faith knew who robbed the family. Currently, Dorothy is enjoying her relationship with Molefe. A misunderstanding had arisen when she was overhead, saying sleeping together was a small issue. It was mistaken for a description of Molefe’s manhood. This comes after Molefe wants to dwell on their night together, calling it magical, while Dorothy feels it was not an issue they needed to dwell on.

Brenda Mukwevho’s salary for playing Dorothy

Brenda Mukwevho
Brenda Mukwevho-Image Source(Instagram/Brenda Mukwevho)

The actress started with the cast when the series debuted on eTV. She is part of the show’s main cast with a recurring role. Despite the nature of her role, the actress being a celebrated actress in the industry gets paid handsomely for her role. It is rumoured that Brenda takes home a R50 000 salary each month. This depends on the number of scenes that she is featured in. Her expertise and experience are not in question, as her illustrious career as an actress speaks for itself.

Brenda Mukwevho’s Television career

The actress was known for her role as the Khadzi of the Mukwevho household on Muvhango several years back. After her character was written off through a murder storyline, she became a sought-after director. Her first gig was on Rhythm City in 2013. After that, the actress landed a job as Uzalo’s Head Creative Director, a soapie that is the most viewed soapie to this day.

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