In Pictures: Get to know Brenda Mukwevho ‘Dorothy’ from House of Zwide

Brenda Mukwevho-Image Source(Instagram)

Brenda Mukwevho is a familiar face in the acting industry as she is well known on all fronts of the movie-making process. Brena is a legend in front of the camera as an actress, and she is also a force to be reckoned with behind the screen. Currently, the actress is showing off her talent on the etv drama series playing the househelp. However, in real life, the actress is booming and is far from being the househelp, so let’s get to know Brenda Mukwevho, who plays Dorothy in House of Zwide.

Brenda Mukwevho became a household name when she landed the role of the troublesome Lufuno in the Venda drama series Muvhango. Lufuno was the Khadzi of the Mukwevho household on the soapie. Her character was both intelligent and sneaky sometimes. Her character was later killed off from the show through a murder storyline.

Lufuno in Muvhango-Image Source(Instagram)
Lufuno in Muvhango-Image Source(Instagram)

Brenda became the director of etv’s Rhythm City from 2013 until the drama series ended in 2021. After her exit from the show, Brenda focused on her work as a director for some time. She got to learn some directing ropes when she worked on Muvhango. She also landed a job as the Head Creative Director of Uzalo. Uzalo earned the most popular soapie by the public at the South African Film and Television Awards in 2018.

Brenda Mukwevho as Dorothy in House of Zwide

Brenda Mukwevho currently is taking o the role of Dorothy in House of Zwide. She is the housemaid at the Zwide mansion who is treated like family. At the Zwide Christmas Party, Molefe saw Dorothy in a beautiful party dress and instantly thought that she was a wealthy business lady and started to try and court her.

Brenda Mukwevho 'Dorothy' in House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram)
Brenda Mukwevho ‘Dorothy’ in House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram)

In a funny turn of events, Molefe used lies to woe the woman; he, however, was caught when Bra Isaac and Rea came back too soon from visiting their aunt. Molefe had no choice but to come clean and tell Dorothy that he was not a house owner, and neither was he a fancy businessman like he had told her. When Dorothy realized that Molefe had assumed she was rich, she pulled out one trick from up her sleeves. She invited the unsuspecting man to the Zwide mansion for lunch and came out in her maid uniform. Molefe was so surprised that he made it obvious he was hoping she was rich, and he got thrown out of the house.

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