Jessica Nkosi’s sweet husband Ntokozo Dlamini buys her a beautiful present

Jessica Nkosi's sweet husband Ntokozo Dlamini buys her a beautiful present

Former The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi’s husband, Ntokozo Dlamini, showed how sweet he was when he bought her wife a beautiful present. For some time now, the two love birds have been sharing relationship goals, slowly becoming like Connie and Shona Ferguson had been. Of course, it’s too much pressure to compare them to the Fergusons yet, but they are doing reasonably enough to be among Mzansi’s most inspiring young couples in the past two years. It also seemed that having their baby Namisa had been a booster in their marriage.

A few weeks ago, the two actors celebrated Namisa’s birthday, and it was all joy as they ate, drank and danced as a family. Now that Namisa is growing up, there is noise in every corner of their home, and it’s been a positive vibe. Being a mother at home had been much of Jessica’s work since she left The Queen. Indeed, she is bonding and naturing her daughter simultaneously, and her husband loves what he sees. It seemed that seeing had not been enough to appreciate the wife and mother Jessica has grown to be. Ntokozo had to show his appreciation and sweetness, buying her a surprise gift that impressed Mzansi.

Jessica Nkosi's sweet husband Ntokozo Dlamini buys her a beautiful present
Jessica Nkosi, Namisa Dlamini and Ntokozo Dlamini – Image Credit:

Jessica Nkosi’s beautiful present from her husband, Ntokozo Dlamini

It seemed that Jessica had been getting tired and bored by staying indoors with Namisa, and she felt low. Indeed that’s a worry to single people and not Ntokozo’s Jessica. The talented actor had ideas to cheer his wife up and did exactly that. Thanks to Jessica for finding such a loving and caring man in Ntokozo who continuously prove haters wrong. To many fans’ surprise, Jessica doesn’t call Ntokozo babe or any fun name that people call each other early in love. She is now fully aware that Ntokozo is her daughter’s and husband’s father, and she calls him Ubaba ka Namisa.

When his wife felt low, Ntokozo brought her a surprise present in a Dolce and Gabbana handbag, which was enough. Indeed Jessica wasn’t expecting such a sweet gesture from his hubby as she shared her joy on Instagram. Without saying much about the bubbly couple, it seemed that they were meant to stay together forever. They look mature and reserved enough to be a wonderful family. We wish them more love as they fly together like birds.

Watch Jessica Nkosi’s present from her husband, Ntokozo Dlamini.

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