“He abused me; l thought he would change” watch as Mohale Motaung details his toxic relationship with Somizi Mhlongo

Mohale Motaung details his relationship with Somizi Mhlongo

“He abused me; l thought he would change” watch as Mohale Motaung details his relationship with Somizi Mhlongo.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung became the love birds of Mzansi after they tied the knot in 2019. They further showed Mzansi the love they had thanks to their extravagant white wedding in 2020. The couple became the talk of the town as they shared relationship goals making a power couple that fans admired. Love lived in their house, and they were so so happy together.

Within two years of marriage, Somizi and Mohale saw their relationship turning south. It never looked like things will go this bad between the two celebrities. Somizi spoke at large of Mohale’s insecurity, which did not sit well with him. In his response, Mohale came gun blazing at Somizi as he detailed how much Somizi had been physically and emotionally abusing him all along. No one ever imagined Somizi and Mohale throwing punches at each other on social platforms like this.

Mohale Motaung details his relationship with Somizi.
Somizi and Mohale wedding – Image Credit: instagram.com/somizi/

Mohale Motaung accused Somizi of physical abuse.

“l saw a man l never saw before,” said Mohale, speaking of a moment when Somizi was angry and insecure. He said that was when he started to realise a monster in Somizi. Mohale said that he had gone to work in Durban, but Somizi could not trust that he was telling the truth. After Mahale had walked away, trying to avoid conflict, he said that Somizi followed him and physically abused him, saying he wanted to mess with Mohale’s face. Somizi believed that if he beat up Mohale’s face, the beauty would go, and there would be less competition.

Mohale’s face looked red as he continued to detail his toxic relationship with Somizi. He said that Somizi beat him up, kicking him with hard shoes in the face and ribs. “At that point, l thought my ribs were broken because l couldn’t move this part of my body (core) and crawled down the stairs,” he said.

Watch as Mohale Motaung details his relationship with Somizi

What did Somizi say about his relationship with Mohale?

Somizi was the most vocal of the two after their divorce as he spoke of their marriage in detail. He said that he never imagined that one day he would pack Mohale’s clothes as they get divorced. Somizi said that Mohale was not mature and looked like a small, insecure boy who banked on his asserts. Somizi spoke of how evil Mohale was in bed, saying:

I was dealing with someone who had issues with sex. I tried to find so many ways of making it work. The sex life was bad. I still state I said to him: ‘Let’s find other ways. Either you go for sex therapy. He did not want to go because he was in denial that our sex wasn’t good.

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