Controversial model Bertha turns to online business after newfound fame

Controversial model Bertha with Robert Jnr - Source: Instagram

Controversial model Bertha turns to online business after newfound fame. No doubt, she has been making all sorts of headlines of late. Celebrated model Bertha hogged headlines when her viral videos fought with former President Robert Mugabe’s son Robert Jnr. Their viral video flooded social media after the two argued over a $50 payment in service rendered by the latter for four days.

In the video, she boldly claimed that she was not leaving the rented apartment or getting dressed up until she was paid what was due to her. Robert was seen in the mix trying to negotiate with her. In the wake of the viral video, she has gained a huge social media following.

Controversial model Bertha - Source: Instagram
Controversial model Bertha – Source: Instagram

She saw her following jumping from 21 thousand to 31 thousand followers on Instagram in a few days. Well, it seems as if she is now using her newfound fame to cash in. Taking it to social media, the controversial model has made it known that she is now venturing into digital marketing, focusing much on Instagram and other big online platforms such as YouTube.

Bertha turns to online business after newfound fame

She has it that she has a team that helps users boost their social media presence from marketing to accounts management. Of interest is that she has joined the likes of Stewart Nyamayaro, who is said to be the social media administrator of millionaire and controversial prophet Passion Java.

After all, Zimbabwe is more than convinced that she might be just advertising for a company. She shared a series of her packages when she took to Social Media. However, of interest is that R. Peels was also implicated in the mix after social media users implied that Bertha was his girlfriend.

Controversial model Bertha with R. Peels - Source: Instagram
Controversial model Bertha with R. Peels – Source: Instagram

This suggestion flooded comment sections after their viral pictures in different matching outfits flooded social. R. Peels dismissed rumours that Bertha was his girlfriend and insisted that he only knew her professionally. According to R. Peels, Bertha was only featured as a model on his album cover, which was their association’s extent. Here is a public statement on the whole Bertha Issue.

” 1)I’ve dealt with models and video vixens since 2017, that’s 5 years and as a professional, I don’t date or get in relationships with them. I take my job seriously.

” 2) I am not ashamed to have worked with Bertha on my album cover and Promo. I hope she gets through this with grace. I’m not in a position to judge. Her personal drama has nothing to do with me.”

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