R Peels breaks his silence on video of his girlfriend charging Robert Junior $50 for sexual favours

R Peels, Bertha and Robert Junior

When Robert Junior Mugabe started trending when a video of him refusing to pay a model he had to spend the night with $50, rapper R Peels became part of the drama, the girl in the video fighting Robert Junior was rumoured to be the rapper’s girlfriend, and pictures of the two flooded social media. R Peels finally broke his silence a day later and spoke on the issue of his girlfriend circulating on social media.

R Peels addresses rumours that Bertha is his girlfriend

The rapper took to his social media accounts to help people know the truth of the whole situation. According to R Peels, Bertha is a model and video vixen he worked with on his album, and their relationship was professional only. The rapper said he does not regret the promotional pictures that he posted with the model for his album cover.

In his statement, R Peels says Bertha’s personal life has nothing to do with him, and he hopes she will go through this phase with grace. To his fans, R Peels says that they know he does not date anyone he works with, whether a model or a video vixen because he takes his work seriously. In conclusion, he disses the people who have been spreading gossip on social media and states that with the high unemployment rate in the country, he guesses everyone works on Twitter and gossip blogs.

Bertha is a model who goes by the nickname Slim Thique because of her hourglass body shape. She works as a model and features in artists music videos, promoting health and fitness. In the video shared before, she was shouting at Robert Junior Mugabe for her payment of $50 for a night they had spent together.

Watch the video of Bertha asking for $50 for her services below:

The model has been a punchline to jokes on social media, as everyone had something to say about her recent video. Celebrities like Shadaya Knight and Olinda Chapel added their two cents on the issue. Shakaya noted that if a girl calls herself a model, most times, it’s a coded way of saying she is a commercial sex worker. Olinda Chapel just told fans that her ‘cookie’ does not cost $50 and people have been laughing at the model on social media.

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