COMPILATION: Pictures and Videos, Zodwa WaBantu takes it all in 2021

Zodwa WaBantu 2021

COMPILATION:  In Pictures and Videos, Zodwa WaBantu takes it all in 2021

2021 should be declared the year of Zodwa WaBantu; the dancer and entertainer have taken it all. Despite the pandemic challenges, Zodwa is without doubt racking in all the money that comes her way. She has been all over, signing deals and opening businesses. In Videos and Pictures, this is what Zodwa WaBantu has done in 2021.

Zodwa WaBantu Business

She kicked off 2021 with a bang, diversifying from her entertainment business Zodwa WaBantu launched eggs business which took Mzansi by storm. She made sales all over Johannesburg, and at first, she delivered herself, documenting her new journey till she established retail outlets.

Zodwa WaBantu 2021
Zodwa WaBantu: Image Credit @Instagram/zodwalibram

In October, Zodwa WaBantu, the businesswoman, opened 7 stars hair salon and advertised various job vacancies within her business. Zodwa is tackling unemployment better than ANC!

Zodwa WaBantu hairsalon
Zodwa WaBantu hair salon Job advert: Image Credit @Instagram

What’s success without failures along the way? Her attempt to join Kenny Kunene’s political party hit a stumbling block after other executive party officials decided otherwise. She, however, was granted a car carrying member status and barred from contesting for public office.


October was a great year for the outspoken entertainer who begged a mega-deal with a local Mazda dealership as Mazda Menyln Ambassador. When you see Zodwa driving a branded Mazda CX-30, be inspired; that’s where hard work takes you.

She also signed a deal with beverage manufacturer GO&FUN energy as a brand ambassador, a testimony for her hard work.

Zodwa WaBantu 2021
Zodwa WaBantu 2021: Image Credit@ Instagram


Love life

Her taste for younger men is never quenched; Zodwa took her time off public relationships after breaking up with her ex Ben10 Vusi Ngubane. Over the months of dribbling us by posting various images and videos with different men in bed, she opened up to her relationship with Ben 10 Olefile Mpudi.

The two have been inseparable since she revealed his face after a series of teasing videos. Recently she revealed that he is good in bed and knows how to satisfy a woman; she told her fans never to compare her new love with stealing ex-lover Vusi.

Zodwa WaBantu always hog headlines whenever she performs by posting her videos while on stage. She gives her male fans a chance to kiss and touch her inappropriately, an act he explained as giving back to her day one fans.

Zodwa WaBantu Videos in 2021

Zodwa WaBantu and new Ben 10

Zodwa WaBantu on Stage Videos

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