AKA reveals more information about his relationship with Anele Tembe in recent podcast

AKA and Anele Tembe

Since that image of AKA smashing a door to get to Anele Tembe went viral, AKA has been painted negatively. On the Sobering Podcast, AKA recently revealed more details about his relationship with Anele. The focus was on their relationship and how toxic it was when Anele allegedly jumped from a hotel in Cape Town to her death.

AKA has been harassed on Twitter. He acknowledged that their relationship was not perfect and that there may have been times when he emotionally abused her. “That is one of those times when you get angry and smash things in the crib. I may have occasionally been emotionally abusive, but I never physically hurt Anele,” he said.”You guys only see a broken door, which doesn’t make me look good. It’s not my best moment, but I’ll take it. Our connection was highly volatile. It can be toxic as well as extremely great. You may occasionally act in ways that you regret”, he said as he went on.

Last year, shortly after her funeral, the rapper gave an interview where he discussed the events leading up to Anele’s passing. “The day was wonderful. We travelled south to Cape Town. We visited the V & A and had lunch with some friends there. We went shopping after lunch. She changed into her usual gorgeous outfit, and we headed to work. “Around eleven o’clock, we returned with some friends, who dispersed—and having left for Cape Town the week before. We had a particularly trying week as a couple, myself and Anele. Many disputes, disputes, and so forth, We sat down, spoke, and of course, started arguing again. And the situation became tenser”, he revealed.

The late Anele Tembe
The late Anele Tembe – Image Credit: Instagram/AKA
AKA – Image Credit : Instagram/AKA

“As a result, when the situation started to turn, I decided it would be best for me to leave. I decided to gather my belongings, reserve a different room, and wait for the situation to calm down.” We began to argue more, and the thing that broke my heart was that she took off my ring and threw it at me. It’s the only piece of her property I still possess. We exchanged some extremely hurtful words before I left the room. I returned to her room after stealing her phone. And when we reached the point in the argument where Anele seemed to be threatening to commit suicide, things started to go south. I attempted to get out of the situation by calling reception and asking for security. I went to the restroom, and when I returned, she was gone from the space. I went to the balcony and looked down the street, where she was, because I had looked around the room and she wasn’t there. And I believe that out of fear, I avoided the problem or the feeling that it was about to occur.

AKA and Anele Tembe
AKA and Anele Tembe – Image Credit: Instagram/AKA

It seems every time AKA goes on an interview, he will be questioned about the ongoing situation involving the late Anele Tembe.

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