Watch: “Summer anthem Loading! AKA debuts Lemons (Lemonade) on Metro FM’s The Touchdown. Mzansi goes wild

AKA debuts Lemons (Lemonade) on Metro FM's The Touchdown

AKA teased his new song Lemons (Lemonade) on Metro FM’s The Touchdown, and it received a good reception from fans. The track features Nasty C, and from the reaction received on social media and by the crew in the studio, it’s going to be a banger.

AKA will drop the song and the video simultaneously at midnight tonight.

Tbo Touch invited Super Mega to The Touch Down this afternoon, and it went wild with everyone taking videos of him; when Tbo Touch played Lemons Lemonade, the whole room erupted.

Touch shared a video of AKA tapping a few verses while the track played in the background.

The song features the internationally acclaimed Nasty C.

A link has been provided for his fans to order and pre-save the track.

The track is causing pandemonium on social media. The Rappers have been trending the whole afternoon as the anticipation for the official release is building and fast.

AKA’s fans thanked The Touchdown for hosting the Super Mega and giving them a taste of what they have been waiting for a long time for.
The musician hadn’t released a song in over a year, and fans have been craving his music.

AKA is one of the most celebrated rappers in Mzansi, and it looks like his return is about to turn lemons into Lemonade.

The song has been called the song of summer, and even famous Twitter pages and entertainment journalists like Phil Mphela gave their followers the link to download the song.

AKA: Image source @Instagram

AKA’s interview on Metro FM happened for an hour on The Touch Down and made instant waves.

The radio station posted on their social media that they were hosting the Bhoba hitmaker, and he responded by saying.

“Looking like a bag of money,” said Kieran.

Lemon (Lemonade) is dropping just after the massive success of Sete a song by K.O, which became the fastest single to go gold within a few hours of being released. The song has made history.

Hip Hop fans have given props to the artists but associate the revived excitement about this genre with Big Zulu and his diss track,150 Bars.

The song has prompted a response from many people who were called 0n the track and those who were not.
Since then, Hip Hop artists have been the talk of the town.

AKA was mentioned in 150 Bars but did not respond, saying it wasn’t a diss song if there is an apology at the end.

Watch as AKA debuts Lemonade on Metro FM below:

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