“You told my girlfriend to sleep with a parachute” AKA fires back at fans as he turns down a young artist’s mentorship request

AKA fires back at fans as he turns down a young artist

AKA got into a Twitter war with his fans over a response when a young artist sent him a direct message, saying he was done begging for his attention.

This all started when AKA released a screenshot of the message sent by this artist. In the message, the person tells AKA that they are done running after him and asking to listen to his beat. In the message, AKA is accused of being ignorant.

AKA took to his Twitter page and asked his followers, “How do I even reply to this text?”
This caused a lot of conflicts as his followers began to call him out and accuse him of being a hypocrite for not responding to a newcomer when he was also once a newcomer. Others just felt that AKA doesn’t owe anyone anything.

AKA is known for his sharp and stabbing responses to anyone who speaks out of place at him on social media. He did not disappoint this time around either.

AKA fires back at fans as he turns down a young artist
AKA. Image Credit: Instagram/Aka

This is what he had to say.

“Yall think this game is for everybody. Newsflash. 90% of everybody’s music is 🗑I had to exchange many numbers before we could even get the CHANCE to be in the same studio as KHULI or KO or Linda …” the muso wrote.

AKA made it clear that he is not just going to carry up and coming artists on his back just because they asked him to.

His followers went wild and called him a hypocrite for posting the DM on mainstream Twitter. One user, Khaohelomodila, asked AKA if he feels proud of himself for making people feel like they are not enough.

AKA shot back and mentioned that some of his followers said his next girlfriend must sleep wearing a parachute. Some fans were not very supportive of him when he was going through that dark period.

AKA, as you know, unfortunately, lost his girlfriend, Anele Tembe, from falling ten storeys from the Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town last year in April.

While AKA might have a point, it is not unheard of for significant musicians to discover new talent on social media. Even the now late Killa Kau was found like that.

The hip hop star is unfazed by his followers’ outcries, and he explained that when one follower called him a child, he simply said he honestly doesn’t care.

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