AKA Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Cars, Houses

AKA Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Cars, Houses

AKA Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Dj Zinhle, Bonang, Cars, Houses, Beef

AKA is one of South Africa’s most controversial rappers. He never minces his words and is constantly feuding with a minimum of 5 socialites at any given moment. However, despite this, he still remains a phenomenal rapper and artist in general.

AKA Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Beef, Cars

Name: Kiernan Jarryd Forbes

Occupation: Rapper, Singer, Record producer, Entrepreneur

Date of birth: 28 August 1988

Place of birth: Cape Town

Parents: Lynn Forbes

Marital Status: Single

Children: Kairo Owethu Forbes

Nationality: South African

Net Worth: $5 million

Social Media : Facebook: @akaworldwide, Instagram: aka worldwide Twitter – @akaworlwide


AKA grew up with his grandmother in Cape Town before moving to Johannesburg to stay with his mother. He first attended Holy Cross Convent in Cape Town before transferring to Greenside primary when he went to Joburg. He later on went to St John’s College.


He burst on to the scene in 2005 after being nominated for a Kora Award while performing with the hip hop group Entity. They produced the hit Touch N Go. After Entity disbanded he went on to form the production collective known as The I.V league in 2007. He has produced tracks for PRO, Shugasmakx, Khuli Chana and many others including the big names of JR and Proverb.

His song Victory Lap did a victory lap of its own in 2011. It won Channel O’s Most Gifted Hip-Hop video at the 7th annual Channel O Music Video awards. The rapper went on to open for big names like Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and the Pulitzer prize winner Kendrick Lamar in their South African tours.

In 2011 he released his debut album in 2011 Levels. The album was certified gold for its commercial success. The album won several accolades notably being for the 2011 Metro FM Awards winning for Best Hip Hop Album, and the 2012 South African Music Awards for Best Male Artist of the Year.

AKA Music


  • Congratulate
  • All Eyes on Me
  • Fela in Versace
  • Caiphus Song
  • Run Jozi
  • Victory Lap
  • Baddest
  • Sim Dope

Studio albums

  • Slave to the sound (2004)
  • La Maladie de la Haine (2010)
  • Altar Ego (2011)
  • And so it begins (2011)
  • Levels (2014) Certified Gold and Platinum
  • Down to Earth (2017)
  • Taking Chancez (2017)
  • Be Careful What You Wish For (with Anatii) (2017)
  • Sex hot (2018)
  • Attention Deficit (2018)
  • Touch My Blood (2018) Certified Platinum

AKA Awards and nominations

Year Award Ceremony Prize Recipient/Nominated work Result Notes
2012 18th South African Music Awards Best Male Artist Altar Ego Won
2013 Channel O Africa Music Video Awards Most Gifted Hip Hop Himself Nominated
2014 African Muzik Magazine Awards Best Male, Southern Africa Nominated
Best Rap Act Nominated
MTV Africa Music Awards Best Hip Hop Nominated
Channel O Africa Music Video Awards Most Gifted Hip Hop Nominated
2015 African Muzik Magazine Awards Best Male Southern Africa Won
Best Collaboration Won
MTV Africa Music Awards Best Collaboration Won
21st South African Music Awards Best Male Artist Levels Won
Kora Awards Best African Hip Hop Nominated
BET Awards Best International Act (Africa) Nominated
MTV Europe Music Awards Best African Act Nominated
M.O.B.O. Awards Best International Act (Africa)
4th South African Hip Hop Awards Best Collaboration AKA – Baddest (featuring Burna Boy, Khuli Chana and Yanga) Nominated
Anatii – The Saga (featuring AKA) Won
Most Valuable Artist
  • Levels (Gold album)
  • Congratulate (Gold single)
  • All Eyes on Me (Gold single)
  • Run Jozi (Godly) (Gold single)
Most Digital Sales Won
Song of the Year Anatii – The Saga (featuring AKA) Won
AKA – Baddest Won
Video of the Year AKA – All Eyes on Me Nominated
Anatii – The Saga (featuring AKA) Won
Da L.E.S – P.A.I.D (featuring AKA and Burna Boy) Nominated
AKA – Sim Dope Nominated
2016 15th Metro FM Music Awards Best Collaboration AKA – Baddest (featuring Burna Boy, Khuli Chana, and Yanga) Won
Best Hit Single Won
Best Remix AKA – Baddest Remix (featuring Fifi Cooper, Rouge, Moozlie and Gigi Lamayne) Nominated
22nd South African Music Awards Best Collaboration AKA – All Eyes on Me (featuring Redsan, Burna Boy and Stonebwoy) Nominated
Best Remix. AKA – Baddest (featuring Fifi Cooper, Rouge, Moozlie and Gigi Lamayne) Nominated
BET Awards 2016 Best International Act Nominated
2017 BET Awards 2017 Best International Act Himself Nominated
2019 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards Favourite South African Star Himself Won
BET Awards 2019 Himself Nominated
Namibia Annual Music Awards 2019 Pan African Artist of the Year Won
2020 No Show Award Triple No Show Award Himself – Triple Booking Venues, Taking Payment, And Not Showing Up. Won

AKA Net worth, Cars, Houses

AKA is currently valued at $5 million. He is a wealthy rapper and businessman. This coupled with his general success in the music industry results in a well-endowed bank account.

Apart from being a successful and popular music artist, AKA is also a cunning entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Beam Group, a company, which comprises of several subsidiaries:

  • Supa Mega Show deals with concert productions;
  • Supa Mega Merchandise creates and distributes clothes and accessories created by AKA himself;
  • The AKA Foundation is a non-profit initiative that provides financial assistance to young South Africans;
  • IIIRDWRLD is an online platform and creative agency

AKA also has endorsement deals with  Reebok, Betway (online betting platform), Cruz Vodka, as well as several others.


AKA owns a Blue 2016 BMW X6M. This was a recent addition to his car collection as he has been known to be an avid lover of German monsters in his garage.


He bought a mansion for R3 million when he and Zinhle were expecting a child. After they broke up he bought another one in Joburg for R7 million.


AKA Girlfriend, DJ Zinhle, Baby Mama, Bonang

AKA and Zinhle met in Botswana at her show. The way she describes their meeting it was love at first sight. She says that they had a solid connection. They had their child ( born8 July 2015), after dating for 3 years.

The two have a seven-year difference between them with Zinhle being older. However, their relationship has not survived the test of time and as a result, Zinhle has turned into a feud partner rather than a life partner.

In August 2015, AKA and Zinhle split after it was revealed that AKA had cheated on her with Bonang Matheba. Bonang and AKA have denied this ever happening. However, in 2016 they become public about their relationship but went on to break up in 2017. Zinhle and AKA got back together again in 2018 but it did not last long as they broke up again in 2019.

On AKA’s 32nd birthday, he posted a pic on Instagram of a mysterious girl.  The mysterious girl, Nelli was the girl AKA had been spotted with, in a video, making out.  The pair have been getting pretty close and their relationship has been moving pretty fast. They seem smitten with each other and there is no shortage of pictures of them on social media being very cosy.

Despite his current bae situation, AKA and his baby mama are still in a constant back forth. Whether it’s on Twitter or for child visits AKA and Zinhle are still very much in each other’s loves.

AKA Beef – Cassper Nyovest, Sozwe Dlomo

AKA is known for his great songs and many feuds. Twitter being his main battleground leads to a lot of back forth between him and a multitude of other celebrities.

Casper Nyovest

Noone can mention AKA without mentioning his beef with Cassper Nyovest in the next sentence. The two mega stars have been at it so long its difficult to pinpoint what really started it. He revealed that much to no surprise the feud started over a tweet. “He was coming up, I think it was around the Gusheshe time, and I’ve always looked out for new artists. We had even started to work on music together. One day I think he had put his video out or something, and the next day he went off about ‘I don’t have the support, no one is really holding me down, and I’m going to put this song out and show everybody.’ I think we kind of fell out, maybe because of things he said on Twitter as people do,” AKA explains in his interview with MTV.

The beef resulted in both rappers releasing diss tracks aimed at each other. Composure gave us the famous lines; “Why you coming to my table without asking dawg. I know you hate me with a passion. I ain’t mad at y’all,”. he even takes a shot at Cassper’s then iconic pony tail saying that he “ain’t gonna treat your pony-tale like the holy grail.

Not just Cassper on his mind, the rapper also clapped back on Riky Rick and Anatii. He claims that he was the reason people had ‘The Saga’ on repeat, referring to Anatii’s song where he featured. Composure also speaks out on his relationship with Zinhle and their split at the time.

Cassper not one to take things lying down responded with Dust2Dust. The diss track revealed some rather personal and shocking statements that left both rappers in a bit of state. The low blows were definitely in abundance and nothing was off too sacred.

Their feud has gotten so intense that even the boxing community has taken to them. Tshele Kometsi a boxing promoter has even suggested that the two actually settle their differences in the ring. This came after AKA challenged Cassper to a fistfight.

Their feud has even seen the involvement of Ciroc owing to a string of tweets by Diddy and watermelon flavoured Ciroc. Cassper is brand ambassador for Ciroc. Diddy unaware that he was shaking things up in South Africa was jokingly advocating for watermelon flavoured Ciroc. However, Cassper would have none of it since AKA’s own personalized vodka in partnership with the alcohol brand Cruz is watermelon flavored.

Even rapper Nadia Nakai has pointed out that if ever the opportunity arose, she wouldn’t collaborate with AKA. Not because she’s feuding with AKA but because it would bring unnecessary drama and take away from her music. Granted she is close friends with Cassper and as such it’s understandable why she would not want to collaborate with him. This is coupled with the fact that her fanbase is similar and sometimes intersects with Cassper’s.

The feud between the two does not seem to be ending anytime soon. Between, the slapping incident at a club, to the multitude of tweets and the diss tracks it seems it’s here to stay. Then again one could say this feud is proving to be quite beneficial for them in terms of publicity. They say all publicity is good publicity and in the world of social media, it certainly is!

Sizwe Dlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo commented on how the continued alcohol sale during the coronavirus pandemic did not sit well with him. AKA, who is an ambassador for Cruz Vodka, decided to get involved and hit back at Sizwe saying, “Chief … it’s bad as is without being able to do any shows. I also have a family to feed ya understand”.

However, this was not the first time the two have been at loggerheads. AKA had to issue a public apology on Twitter. This came after he called into question how Sizwe’s grandfather owned land during apartheid in a tweet.

Sizwe who took the tweet as an attack on his family name and heritage replied, “The time for tweets is over, only actions now but for those interested in my family, our history with the struggle movement is very well documented. From Inkosi uAlbert Luthuli, who was friends with my grandfather. To ANC meetings at our family home. This is who we are!”

Somehow with all this going on Cassper’s name was dragged into the mix. Sizwe got to a point where he threatened AKA with physical violence saying that “I’ll be very direct with you son, mina I’ll f**k you up for free, no need to sign contracts. Then I’ll front you money for legal fees after that.”


Boity Thulo is not safe from AKA and his tweets. He threw shade at her after one of his followers pointed out that regardless of what AKA does people will still call him trash. AKA “graced” that reply with ‘Someone said Boity is a better rapper than me … I nearly died’. This sparked a twitter storm, resulting in a bashing of Boity’s rap skills.

This could mark the start of another feud in his long list of opponents!


AKA recently signed a deal with Reebok to release a SNEAKA line of shoes, the shoes would bear his name. However, a tweet from AKA revealed that he was never paid for any of it.

However, Reebok said in a statement that they satisfied all obligations that were stipulated in the contract. Apparently, everything was made clear to the rapper and he was compensated. Although they expressed their disappointment, they are still looking to work with the rapper in the future, however, fans are not sure if AKA is keen on that.

Since AKA has so many beefing opponents, here are some hounourable mentions;

  • AKA vs Ifani
  • AKA vs Black Coffee
  • AKA vs Pearl Thusi
  • AKA vs DJ Zinhle

Political Affiliation


AKA is not one to be known to shy away from being in the limelight. Even in politics, he will gladly share his opinion regardless of who is listening. In 2018 he tweeted that he would be voting for ANC but he did not know why. Which is a stark contrast to the 2014 rally photos of former President Jacob Zuma and the rapper.

He once addressed fans who disapproved of his political party of choice by saying, “If me shaking hands with the President of South Africa discourages you from buying my music, so be it.” And that supporting the ANC has nothing to do with money. He closed off his political rant by encouraging the youth to do the right thing and register in order to vote.

Democratic Alliance(DA) on Twitter which featured a billboard the party had put up in memory of the victims of Marikana, Life Esidimeni as well as for the children who have died in pit toilets. On the billboard, the party accused the ANC of being the cause of these horrific events. In response to the post by the DA, AKA  wrote,  “What if we printed the names of all the people who died under Apartheid and put that on a billboard?”

AKA is never one to shy away from any topic with Twitter being his social platform of choice to air out his ideologies.

Recent News

AKA has recently been added to the list of celebrities who were diagnosed with Covid19. He took to twitter for his announcement. He received overwhelming support and well wishes from his followers accompanied by a lot of remedy suggestions.

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