Zozibini Tunzi devastated to hear friend and roommate Chelsie Kryst jumped from high rise building

Zozibini Tunzi devastated after learning friend and roommate Chelsie Kryst committed suicide

On Sunday,  Zozibini Tunzi responded to the sudden death of her friend Chelsie Kryst, who was also a fellow Miss Universe contestant.

Miss USA 2019 has passed away, and Zozi Tunzi’s name is the one that rang a lot in people’s minds.
Zozibini became close friends with Chelsie Kryst, who also became her roommate in New York in 2019.

News of Chelsie’s death took the world by storm since it broke Sunday morning.
Chelsie has fallen from the Midtown high rise building she stayed in. This is said to have happened in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Since the news broke, Zozi has been in everyone’s mind. The reason behind this is due to the very tight friendship she had formed with Chelsie. The two had created a bond so strong it became like a sisterhood.

Reports from the police claim that Chelsie’s body was found near Time Square in New York City after falling from a high rise building in Manhattan.

Chelsie took Zozi under her wing and showed her around New York as Zozi was from South Africa. The two shared pictures and videos of each other on their social media pages, respectively. They also helped each other through the heavy pandemic periods around the world.

Zozibini Tunzi devastated after learning friend and roommate Chelsie Kryst committed suicide
Zozibini Tunzi and Chelsie Kryst. Credit: Instagram/ZoziTunzi

Zozi finally responded to the death of her friend on her social media pages, saying she is not ready for a world Chelsie doesn’t exist in.
Zozi also said she was devastated by this and hadn’t slept a wink since she heard the news.

Fans took to social media to send their condolences on the loss of her friend.

Chelsie was a lawyer and an Emmy nominated correspondent for a TV channel called extratv. She went up to the top ten at the Miss Universe Competition. She was pretty accomplished, which is why claims that Chelsie committed suicide have shocked everyone.

Zozi also added that Chelsie was supposed to share the festivities of a wedding she was attending on Saturday. She said she hoped that Chelsie was now resting easy and knowing that she meant everything to many people and would do so forever.

We hope Zozi can find comfort in knowing that everyone shares her pain in the loss of her friend.

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