Zolani’ Lawrence Maleka’ bids farewell to The River’s cast and fans with a lavish party

Lawrence Maleka

Lawrence Maleka made all sorts of headlines in 2022 after confirming that he would be leaving the telenovela The River, where he played Zolani Dlamini to explore other opportunities in the entertainment industry. The celebrated actor decided to bid farewell to the telenovela in style by throwing a lavish party.

Watch the video below:

Maleka also shared that he will miss his co-cast members, speaking to news reporters Maleka said:

“Unfortunately, [my favourite moments on The River] are everything we’ve done off-screen. There are moments that I wish sometimes we could capture for people.”

He also revealed that the behind-the-scenes videos that have made it to social media reflect their daily lives on set. Lawrance confirmed that working for Tshedza Pictures since 2018 was a blessing because working there was exciting.

“If you think those people are crazy, you should see them off-screen,” 

Lawrance Maleka also shared how Sindi Dlathu who plays Lindiwe’ Madlabantu’ Dikana, supported him on-screen and off-screen. He said:

“After getting to know each other for a few days while shooting the first scenes of the telenovela, Sindi rested her head on his shoulder. As ecstatic as the moment was, it became the beginning of the most incredible bond between the two, on and off the screen.”

“Ever since then, she’s always been there. We’ve discussed scripts; we’ve discussed everything.”

Lawrence Maleka
Lawrence Maleka: Image source @Instagram

While enjoying the small party that Lawrance Maleka organised for his cast members, the author of The River also commented about how he nailed his character to perfection. They pointed out that Zolani Dlamini did justice to his character and will forever be remembered. In his words, one of The River authors said;

“Actors and directors take the script and interpret in a way that would work best [for both], and Lawrence really did that in a way that exceeded our expectations. So, a lot of the stories that were subsequently written were generated because of who Lawrence became as uZolani and the chemistry he had with Sindhi Dlathu [and other actors] – the chemistry you wouldn’t find on paper,”



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