Young Rural Zimbabwean farmer set to make a fortune from tomato farming

Is farming the solution to end poverty for youths in Zimbabwe

Young Rural Zimbabwean farmer set to make a fortune from tomato farming

A young farmer is trending on social media platforms for his tomato bumper harvest. The Banket farmer, Kudzai Nyagwededza is harvesting 4800 crates, each weighing 30 kg weekly. His farm situated in Banket Mashonaland West, is an open field which is giving him a rich bounty.

Meet Kudzai Nyagwededza, The Elon Musk of tomato farming

Sources reveal that Kudzai’s harvest is from sixty thousand tomato plants comprising of Star 9009, Trinity and Star 9081. At this rate, Kudzai is going to harvest for at least four months. With one crate’s cost pegged at  approximately USD24, the tomato farmer may cash in USD 115 200 weekly. After his harvest, Kudzai could be worth approximately USD1 843 200 provided his harvest pulls through four months.  This is just an assumption by masses who are impressed by the young farmer’s efforts. Taking to twitter, many sing praises.

Young Rural Zimbabwean farmer set to make a fortune from tomato farming

This reality of young people in Zimbabwe excelling in Agricultural production is a major threat to some narratives about the country on Twitter. This is a side of Zimbabwe they will not have known to the international community, lest Zim should motivate others. Well done guys!

Impressive. Well done to the young farmer. This should animate and encourage other youths to venture into farming and agro processing. Always encouraging to see the youths engaging in agriculture and food production at large.

Other Tweeps reach out to the young farmer with @FoLaKe Saije proposing to interview Kudzai.

I’d love to chat and support with this young person through my show ….. may you help me connect with him?

Kudzai is a beacon of hope to most young entrepreneurs trying to find their fit in a bid to make a living. He is just a young man from the rural areas, who saw an opportunity that can make him a millionaire. Isn’t this impressive? All this was possible because of hard work as is highlighted by another tweep:

I see majority are excited abt the results & may probably make a mistake of venturing into the same without understanding the process & resources required. Farming is not for quick buck seekers, its a physical, financial & emotional journey and you have be wholly invested in it.


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