“You deserve the hate” The Queen’s Zenande Mfenyana roasted after crying out on Twitter

Zenande Mfenyana says she is accustomed to being hated

Zenande Mfenyana, former Generations actress, vented on Twitter about being despised. The celebrity, renowned as one of Mzansi’s rudest and meanest public figures, shared a touching post about being unable to experience love. Following a post about being despised, actress Zenande Mfenyana is being roasted on Twitter after trolls told her where to get off.

The well-known actress has spoken out about how the daily abuse she experiences is beginning to impact her and her mental health. The Queen actress acknowledged on Twitter that she had lost the ability to accept love because she is so despised. Because the negativity was terrible for her mental health, Zenande went on a Twitter rant. Some people assumed this was due to the constant emotional abuse she endured. Particularly for those with thin skin, Twitter is no longer a secure environment. By her actions, Zenande has proven that she is one of those.

Given how frequently Zenande has been bullied on Twitter, it wasn’t surprising when she came clean and said she doesn’t know how to react when people show her love. The actress received feedback on how her appearance changed and how pregnant she appeared when carrying her baby. The face of a pregnant woman typically changes, but internet trolls didn’t care about this. Despite the celebrity’s fragile condition resulting from her pregnancy, they made her life miserable. They said she had a strange and ugly appearance. Many believe she had a girl even though she never explicitly told her fans. She also didn’t reveal the name. Fortunately, despite everything that was going on around her, she gave birth very safely. Some people think that all that bullying is what turned her sour and made people hate her.

Zenande Mfenyana
Zenande Mfenyana – Image Credit :Instagram/Zenande Mfenyana

Fans of the celebrity left encouraging remarks in the comments section. Trolls quickly took control of the post to remind Zenande that she deserved what is coming to her because she is mean.

@Ntobeko said: “Zenande Mfenyana is incredibly rude and obnoxious, just like her Generations character.”

@Zickiis commented: “I’m still baffled as to why Zenande Mfenyana chose to block me. I did nothing to her.”

@Phetho wrote,” Zenande Mfenyana frequently treats people in a rude and moody manner, but these days she acts as if the criticism she receives is undeserved. Although she had the chance to conceal herself behind the persona of Noluntu, she was the real Noluntu. Things might change if she adopts a different attitude.”

@Lu said, “You deserve the hate.”

Zenande Mfenyana
Zenande Mfenyana – Image Credit :Instagram/Zenande Mfenyana

Zenande Mfenyana quickly deleted the tweet after Twitter users called her out on her behaviour, but she is still trending and being roasted on Twitter.

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